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When dealing with messy employee issues, don't let time stand still

When dealing with messy employee issues, don’t let time stand still

When you are in the throes of a messy employee issue, it can consume every moment. Even when you aren’t actively dealing with it, you are thinking about it. You just want it to end, but it feels like it will last forever. Time stands still, frozen in place, you’re sinking in quicksand with no […]


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Eichert speaks at Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce

Eichert speaks at Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber Breakfast at the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce in Jaffrey, NH drew quite a crowd on March 9, 2016. Attendees gathered to hear a talk by Robin Eichert, the founder of PeopleSense Consulting. Eichert helps employees and managers better understand each other, fostering productive and enjoyable work cultures. She has over 25 years of business […]