The power of teams; saving lives in Japan

Dogs are amazing. Those of us who love our four-legged friends know that. But when I think about their ability to save lives, I am in awe.

logoA family member (thanks, Jen) alerted me to this: The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation has gone to Japan for a search and rescue mission; you can find more here.

Think about the power of teams in this undertaking! When we combine the skills of a compassionate human willing to risk the dangers of the fragile environment left behind from the earthquake with a gifted dog that has possesses an unimaginable sense of smell, we create an extraordinary team doing remarkable work and saving lives.

The magnitude of team work is never more evident than in this endeavor.

Too frequently, we push aside those who have different skills than we do. I can’t imagine a more influential reminder to us all to incorporate someone on our team who has skills and talents that we lack.

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