Making the most out of what you have

Resting her head, she was quiet enough to be napping!

There are lots of times when we expose Grace to new experiences. Of course some she enjoys more than others. We took her kayaking several times last year, and she tolerated it, but it was clear that she prefers land over water.

She does have a bit of a smirk here, but she was annoyed at the fly who kept buzzing her. I put the towel over her to keep the sun from baking on her too long. She loves her sunbeams, but it did get hot at times.

This past weekend, we went out again. This trip was different. I got this sense from her that, while she wasn’t totally comfortable with the whole ‘this-boat-rocks-too-much’ feeling, she had resolved to make the most of it. She limited her whining (thank you, Grace) and settled in to observe our surroundings. Her gaze followed the flying birds overhead and the grazing turkey on the shore. When we stopped to listen to the fish smack on bugs, she feigned interest, too.

We stopped after an hour or so and all made way to a wooded area to have our sandwich (she got treats, too) and she was able to stretch her legs while chasing a chipmunk or two. How bad can a day be when you get to do that? She found ways to incorporate her favorite activities into the excursion.

Ahhh, enjoying the ride!

Grace offered good advice for all of us from this trip. Go with the flow. Roll with the punches. Find things you enjoy even when you’re asked to do things you don’t always want to do.

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  1. didiwright says:

    I am so impressed with Grace…She looks really relaxed in that last photo. I love the ‘over-the-head’ angle you chose. This reminds me that I’ve got a similar photo hidden somewhere amongst the hundreds of George photos on my computer. If I find it, I might write a post and dedicate it to you 🙂
    I appreciate Grace’s advice, and will try to remember it when I find myself in new situations. I’ll also try to pass it on to George, who’s really bad with change and new situations. x

  2. Kristen says:

    Great photos of Grace kayaking. We took Bailey when he was a puppy but haven’t gotten out with him since. Our goal is to go kayaking with him more often this summer.

  3. Anna says:

    this is something I dream of doing with Luna. Problems arise when I try and budget the right sized kayak in.. just has not been able to happen yet. Maybe we will have to settle for a canoe. She does love the water though, at at just under 40lbs a kayak could still be possible. I took her in the canoe as a puppy and she didn’t seem to mind, especially since she got to watch the paddles and fish.
    Great post, I try and raise dogs that roll with the punches, I will admit they each have their quirks but I would like to think they trust us enough to let us challenge their comfort levels in order to find more outlets for them.

    • Of course, just like any of us, we have our favorite things. I know some dogs that absolutely love the water and others who don’t. I guess the challenge with the dogs that love the water is keeping them IN the kayak! BUt we don’t have that problem with Grace. She’s happy to stay inside. It is nice that she tolerates the rides now. Thanks for stopping by!

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