Graceful Leadership on NHPR!

Listen to the Interview:

As you know, I’ve been writing about the parallels between dogs and leadership lessons for quite a while. I see the connections everywhere and I hope that the stories I learn from Grace and share with you are helpful, fun, and inspirational as you think about how you communicate in the workplace.

So imagine my delight when New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) reached out to me and asked for an interview about how a dog can help a manager! A dream come true.

The segment was taped at the end of last week, and afterwards, I worried that I wasn’t nearly as articulate as I should have been when answering Dan Gorenstein’s excellent questions. My excitement got my tongue all tied and I nervously waited to see if it would really, truly be worthy of airing on this respected forum.

That answer came when the segment aired on Tuesday, April 3. NHPR has long been my radio station of choice and of course, now it is really my favorite! They turned my nervous responses into a great piece (all the credit goes to them). If you’re interested, you can read the NHPR post.

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