Happy 10th Birthday to Grace!

We’re having a party and you’re invited
(and you don’t even have to go anywhere!)

Who doesn’t like a party? Well, um, the answer would be: Grace.

She’s not too keen on large crowds (even small ones can be intimidating), loud or unexpected noises, or fast movement happening around her. So to avoid these typical party-like characteristics, we’ve found a better way to make sure everyone can make merry in her honor.

You are invited and I hope you will join in!

Grace is turning 10, sometime this month. We don’t know the actual date, so we may as well use the whole month, right? It’s a memorable milestone that I think deserves some fun and attention. I hope you’ll want to come along and have a ball with us. (Pun intended though she’s not much into fetching.)

The best part about this virtual party is that you can fete in a way that means something to you. Grace has some pointers, though. Once you hear her ideas on our video, leave a comment and tell us how you celebrated!

Click HERE to watch Grace’s birthday video! 

video shot of Grace's birthday party


And remember to come back and share how you celebrated — thanks for joining the party!

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  1. Debra Strickland says:

    Robin, This is such a lovely tribute and celebration of your beloved Grace. It warmed my heart, put a smile on my face, renewed my delight in my own sweet furry family members, and reminded me of how lucky I am to have you as a friend! Thank you, and Happy Birthday to Grace!

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Deb! It is such a pleasure having you as a friend and neighbor, too! Hope you celebrate with your furry family members, Grace would like that!

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Lisa. Your work and support of Grace has been amazing, too. Grace sends back her immense thanks and gratitude to you. And the same from me!

    • Robin says:

      It was a fun celebration, Susan. Thanks for being a part of all her life. I still remember the turtle you gave Grace when she was little!

  2. Aunt Lynn says:

    Happy Birthday Grace, wish I was there to give you a piece of cheese.
    That’s how I won you over on your first trip with your Mom after she had just adopted you. Poor pup, a 14 hour drive to Richmond during July 4th.
    I hope you know what a lucky girl you are having my sister for your Mom. You put her through the paces, but she passed the “Best Mom” test!
    I am proud of both of you and all you have become. Many more birthdays and fun times to come. Wish we could see you more.
    All my love,
    Aunt Lynn

    • Robin says:

      Grace would be in heaven around her Aunt Lynn more, such a dog lover and she knew that immediately. She still loves cheese but she would love you even more (if that’s possible!). Thanks for chiming in here. So fun to have the well wishes from everyone so special.

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