Eichert speaks at Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce

IMG_7895The Chamber Breakfast at the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce in Jaffrey, NH drew quite a crowd on March 9, 2016. Attendees gathered to hear a talk by Robin Eichert, the founder of PeopleSense Consulting. Eichert helps employees and managers better understand each other, fostering productive and enjoyable work cultures. She has over 25 years of business management experience and a passion for making people successful in the workplace.

Eichert’s presentation introduced two foolproof ways both managers and employees can impact their personal and professional relationships immediately. Part of Eichert’s philosophy is that every person has the capability and responsibility to positively impact interactions.

Using an innovative and interesting method of integrating dog and animal themes into her presentation, Eichert illustrated the concepts experienced in other areas of our lives. Attendees left with a better understanding of how the quality of relationships in the workplace dramatically impacts employee productivity and satisfaction, as well as the organization’s bottom line.

To learn more about Eichert’s strategies for creating and nurturing healthy workplace relationships visit

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