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Managers Need to Take Action


Some managers think that employee issues are going to solve themselves, but that is rarely the case. In the video, Robin offers suggestions to managers for how to take action even though their tendency might be to ride out problems.

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October 2018 Round Robin


In this month’s live Q&A, Robin shares a tip for the day that she learned from Grace about being authentic and true to who you are and what you are feeling.

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Managing Response Time for Email Communications


Managers receive a lot of email as part of their normal work responsibilities. In this video, I’m going to specifically focus on appropriate response time for email because managers often forget that is an indicator of our overall effectiveness.

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September 2018 Round Robin


In this month’s live Q&A, Robin answers questions about how to successfully engage volunteers and the best way to respond to a snarky email.

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Watch for these clear signals to tell if your employee is open to growth


I’ve been delivering assessment results for years. I feel fortunate to be a part of so many milestone moments in a person’s development, whether it’s early in their career or someone who is a consummate learner. I have oodles of goose-bumps stories that I’ve witnessed through these experiences. This week I enjoyed another of those moments.…

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FREE Webinar: UnMask your Authentic Career


Tired of trying to fit into a career that doesn’t feel right? Ready to unmask your authentic career? Come join us for an evening of discovering ways to move forward, on your authentic career path.  Join Nancy Bishop and Robin Eichert for a short, but information-packed webinar to get a fresh perspective on career transitions and tips for maneuvering on the path…

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Keep the giving going!

This is the place where everyone can get involved in this month’s Graceful Giving celebration! Keep the giving going! Leave a comment, picture, or video below that recognizes an act of giving you’ve witnessed during the month of October. When you share, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a $50 donation to the non-profit of…

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August 2018 Round Robin

In this month’s Q&A, Robin answers questions about how to avoid your team having the ‘meeting after the meeting’ syndrome, as well as whether you should tap into your own strengths or stretch to the strengths of others.

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July 2018 Round Robin

In this monthly Q&A session, Robin addresses a member’s question about how to address a situation where an employee is going around their manager to get information and answers.

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