Here’s how to support frontline employees

Support Frontline Employees

We’re rarely afforded one crisis at a time, and 2020 has brought with it challenges on every front. It has impacted the entire globe, drastically altering the way we live and work. While we all feel deeply the sadness, grief, and overwhelm that have marked this year, some have experienced it more significantly.  It’s more…

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Are employee assessments worth it right now?

Struggling employee at home

We’ve all experienced a lot of disruption lately. COVID-19 has changed much about the way we work, but it hasn’t changed everything. In fact, the most valuable resource in any organization remains constant — the people! That can be both good and bad! People have accomplished amazing things during the pandemic We’ve seen how adaptable…

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Bad Communication = Toxic Workplace Culture

Cracking Ice like Toxic Workplace Culture

If you’ve got “bad” communication going on in your organization, it’s not just going to blow over. In fact, communication is one of the keys to a consistently healthy culture. When you replace it with trademarks like harshness, one-sidedness, or even intimidation, the result is a toxic workplace culture. In that kind of environment, it’s…

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Setting boundaries builds strong relationships

Things move fast in today’s workplace. And for good reason. Being nimble to adjust to changing landscapes is crucial. But there are some things that can’t be rushed, like the quality of strong work relationships. They are built with each interaction, either moving positively or negatively as we work on setting boundaries. Getting to know…

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Managing Change (& even embracing it)

Learning to embrace difficult times and let the unexpected delight me 2019 is nearly over. It’s been a year of big transitions that brought major changes for me. At times, it felt overwhelming, sad, difficult. Yet, in whole, this was one of the best years for me. And once I brought this new awareness to…

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Our Personal 2019 Holiday Greeting (and Gift!) for You

A holiday treat from us to you This year, our team got together for a festive greeting, including a personal gift to YOU. We love this season where we can show our gratitude for all of those in the PeopleSense community. It is our privilege to work alongside you in creating healthy workplace relationships. Watch…

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Unleash Yourself to Find the Best in YOU!

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Do you ever hold back? Not say what you really think? Choose to stick with what’s tried and true instead of deciding to unleash yourself and your creativity? Unleashing your authentic self starts with being clear.

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Let’s Put Away the Judgment and Lead by Example

Helping others feels good. If I’ve learned anything from my years of volunteer work, it’s that giving back gives us the opportunity to lead by example and surprisingly learn a lot about ourselves in the process. For many years, my dog Grace and I have banded together to tackle the myriad types of trash that…

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Give Change a Chance

Even people you know well, people you may have worked with for years, can throw you a curveball. Maybe you’re both faced with an unfamiliar situation or the general circumstances change. You might be surprised by how the other person reacts (and by your own response). This happened recently with my dog, Grace, and it…

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