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Here’s What We Know About People and Sales

PXT Select Future of SalesOver the last few months, several clients have shared about challenges with their sales teams. Even though our expertise isn’t in sales processes, we are experts in people!

And because sales is all about people – both sellers and buyers – we can help! We’re able to identify patterns that plague sales teams and create actionable strategies that result in more success.

How to Get Out of Your Sales Slump

Did you know effective coaching can increase sales productivity by 19%?

Is PeopleSense where you go for sales process training? Nope. Our specialized approach tackles sales from a different angle.

Can we help you identify why your sales team is underperforming? Absolutely.

And can we help you develop a customized plan to increase the performance of each member of your sales team? You bet!

Let’s talk now about how PeopleSense can help enhance your team’s work. Click here to find a time that’s convenient for you.

Find Out More July 18th!

PXT_Select_ShowcaseTo create and maintain a high-performance sales team, you need data-informed insights. These will help you make optimal hiring decisions and coach your existing salespeople toward excellence.

That’s where PXT Select comes in. It’s a proven, evidence-based tool that empowers organizations to hire smarter and develop the kind of sales teams they need to succeed.

We’d like to invite you to the PXT Select in Action: ‘Building High-Performing Sales Teams Virtual Showcase.’

When: July 18 from 10-11am Chicago

Where: Online

Cost: FREE!

We hope you’ll join us and find out what kind of impact replicating your sales superstars could have on your business. Register now!

More Sales Resources!

Simon Severino - Shorten Your Sales TimePeopleSense Consulting offers solutions for how to select, manage, and retain top performers. Once these fundamentals are in place, there are other secret weapons that will skyrocket your sales performance.

We recommend the work of Simon Severino, who has been coaching for 21 years, helping to generate more sales with fewer activities. His program provides a 90-day plan for +25% pricing power, +25% win rates, and +25% sales velocity.

You can learn more from Simon in this free, 60-minute workshop and leave…

·      Knowing how to shorten your sales time by 25%

·      With a clear plan for your next 90 days

·      In control of your sales again

Use this link to register and Simon will automatically know you’re part of the PeopleSense Consulting community. We highly recommend Simon and his process. So show up and be ready for big takeaways on Monday, July 8, 2024, 11 am ET. 

Did You Know?

Since founding PeopleSense Consulting in 2001, Robin Eichert and her team have worked with hundreds of organizations to support job-fit, management development, and team building initiatives.

They use a variety of creative strategies, including world-class assessments along with an innovative approach that involves animals as teachers.

PeopleSense Consulting is a proud Authorized and Certified Partner for three Wiley brands: PXT Select™, Everything DiSC®, and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™. Delivering programs both in-person and virtually depending on client needs, PeopleSense specializes in helping organizations build better relationships that lead to remarkable outcomes.

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