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Confessions of an EQ Insider: Why Agility Matters Most Now

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Thursday, January 28, 2021, 10:00 - 11:30 ET

Everything DiSC Insight

Thursday, January 28, 2021, 10:00 - 11:30 ET

Everything DiSC Insight

Change Your Relationships, Get Instant Results!

Grab your seat now and get ready to change your life. Confessions of an EQ Insider is a cutting-edge workshop that reveals the role EQ or emotional intelligence plays in unleashing professional (AND personal) success. Here's what you'll get out of this session:

  • Self-awareness

    Understand your natural tendencies in the workplace. Explore why those behaviors sometimes get in the way of your best interactions.

  • Strengths

    Tap into the styles of emotional intelligence you already excel at. Fully realize how they serve you.

  • Stretch

    Discover valuable new mindsets beyond your typical comfort zone. Then experience how each mindset can lead to more effective communication and stronger relationships.

For just $45, YOU will learn to tap into your UNIQUE emotional intelligence STRENGTHS!

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Here are a few examples of what happened for attendees immediately following our session: 

Susan's Story

Susan returned to work after Confessions of an EQ Insider and addressed a LONG-standing issue with workflow that had been making her role extremely difficult. Knowing which mindset to call on, she stretched to a 'resolute' stance she hadn't felt comfortable with before.

Without hesitation, Susan provided her boss with a clear solution to solve the problem. When he challenged her idea, Susan stood her ground, and the company agreed to implement her new procedure. As a result, the organization overcame a major inefficiency, saving Susan, her department, and the entire company substantial time and money.

Jim's Story

After joining Confessions of an EQ Insider, Jim was struck by the clarity he felt. Most importantly, he realized the natural mindset he tended toward wasn't serving his needs when conflict arose at work. Before he had no idea how to shift the pattern.

But with his new understanding of EQ, he had clear, actionable steps to adopt new mindsets when needed. That helped him to be more objective and listen to his colleagues before acting so they could effectively address challenges together.

Become Agile!

This is a critical time for individuals and organizations to overcome resistance in solving the dynamic and diverse challenges we are routinely facing. Studies are clear on the importance and significance of being agile.

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Percent of individual contributors said that agility is more important to their success now than it was 5 years ago.


Percent of managers said that agility is more important to their organization's success now than it was 5 years ago.


Percent of leaders agree that developing emotional intelligence is crucial to building an agile workforce.

We're sure you have questions...

Here are some of the common ones we get.

We hold periodic sessions that offer the opportunity to learn new material or provide a refresher. In these Learning Labs, we specifically provide time to try out these new skills, in the moment, so you can leave with actionable and immediate results.

We feel that your learning experience is more beneficial if you can attend the live session. However, a recorded version will be available to those who register.

Yes. We have available, at no cost, an Action Planning Sheet that will help you reflect and plan your next steps. In addition, we have opportunities for the Agile EQ Profile and coaching services that round out your learning experience.

What (some) past attendees have said...

You offer such a wonderful service. By helping us know more about ourselves, you give us the opportunity to be better people and managers.

Atlanta McIlwraith
Senior Manager Community Engagement & Communications, Timberland

This was so spot on! Loved being able to learn about myself and how I can work better with other people/personalities.

Kathy Mota
Direct Services Program Director, MCVP

Oh, and one more thing...

Following the session, participants also have the opportunity to complete a personalized Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ assessment. Receive a rich, 26-page report filled with insights about how to leverage your EQ so you can experience less stress and greater success.

This resource will help you dive even more deeply into the instinctive mindsets that shape your responses and interactions, recognize opportunities to stretch beyond what comes naturally, and gain actionable strategies to become more agile in social and emotional situations.

Combined with specialized, individual coaching sessions, you will be well on your way to unleashing the exciting and powerfully positive benefits of your EQ.

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So, what are you waiting for?

There are easy ways to empower yourself - and your teams - to become more emotionally agile and better equipped to meet the demands of today's changing workplace.

In this interactive, virtual workshop, you will learn how to incorporate new, emotionally intelligent responses when handling daily stressors and situations.

You'll leave with a renewed sense of how to get buy-in, remove tension, and cultivate stronger connections to help you take your professional life to the next level. This program helps you build better relationships - one relationship at a time.

Are you ready to make agility your superpower in the new year? Better hurry. Registration is just $45 and closes in: