Have you been stuck in a rut at work?

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Harness Your Emotional Intelligence to Drive Career Success 
Using Everything DiSC®
January 27, 2022 from 8:30 to 12:00

Have you been stuck in a rut at work?

When it comes to your career, do you keep bumping up against the status quo? This workshop is your opportunity to get unstuck, to feel less stressed out, and to bring more of yourself to the table in your professional life. If you’ve been searching for a way to feel more connected and effective at work, you’re likely tuning into your emotional intelligence (EQ) without even realizing it.

This means you have already cultivated a strong level of self-awareness and are probably feeling ready to make a meaningful change in your professional life. This is the year you’re going to make it happen. It’s time to develop personally and professionally, build healthy relationships, and bring your best self to each one of them.

This workshop is unlike any professional development you’ve encountered before. It’s for people who are open-minded and willing to expand beyond their comfort zone to discover a totally new level of career success. 

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Why Everything DiSC

With Everything DiSC, you have a quick, intuitive way to understand yourself and the needs of those around you. You know your core personality style and can think of it as a home base or comfort zone. Traveling outside that zone to interact with people of different styles can require more energy. 

Workplace Discussion
Workplace Discussion (1)

EQ in Action

BUT as you practice “stretching” to other mindsets and flexing your EQ muscles, you not only enhance your inherent strengths—you also develop new ones. At the same time, putting your EQ into action will reduce stress at work and make you feel more capable in the moment.

It’s great to understand your own EQ and mindsets, but how to grow towards the EQ mindsets that are not instinctual is an inspirational and useful path to improvement.

Alison Keay

Bensonwood Homes

Robin and Jeni were outstanding facilitators to draw open and honest communication about ways in which the team can improve.

from Daniel Webster Council

A division of Boy Scouts of America

It’s so fun to take part in this course with a co-worker! Makes it that much more applicable.

Lauren Getts

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

This will give you a tangible action plan to adopt new mindsets that WILL help you.

Linda Rubin

Owner, Frisky Cow Gelato
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So, what are you waiting for?

If this idea has you excited to take on professional development in a real way, we want to work with you. This workshop will change the trajectory of your career because when you understand yourself, as well as the interpersonal needs of any situation around you, no challenge can hold you back.

Whether you’ve been waiting for this opportunity yourself or can think of someone on your team who is ready to tap into the next-level version of themselves, don’t wait to sign up. Spaces are limited, and we want to gather a highly engaged group for this compelling session.

This is the way to unleash your full potential, become a catalyst for a better workplace culture, and feel abundantly successful in your career. What are you waiting for? A new year awaits!

If you’ve never experienced Everything DiSC ® with us, the cost of this workshop is $145*. For existing PeopleSense Consulting clients, who already have a DiSC profile, the fee is only $95. It’s an investment made now that will change the way you see yourself and navigate life every day going forward. 

*Want to be part of this workshop but need financial support? Let us know. Financial assistance arrangements are available.

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