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Want a top-performing team?

Hire, coach, and develop yours using our proven assessments, insights, and consulting.

PeopleSense Consulting Team Zoom 2022

Want a top-performing team?

Hire, coach, and develop yours using our proven assessments, insights, and consulting.

Unleash the Full Potential of your Organization

Our exceptional lineup of tools, resources, and trainings are specially designed to enhance your hiring, management, and professional growth.

PeopleSense Consulting serves as a catalyst for organizations ready to evolve. We build workplace cultures rooted in trust, kindness, and respect, where people feel invested and bring their true selves to the table so everyone thrives.

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It's all about people.

A great team starts with great people. Recruit the best people while decreasing the cost of bad hires.

Invest in the people you currently have & watch sales, productivity, and performance soar!

Today's business climate is all about teamwork. Learn how to build functional teams that get more done.

Great companies have great leaders. Learn how to unlock the potential of your managers and executives.

Meet Our 2022 Graceful Giving Cohort of Non-Profit Managers!

PeopleSense Consulting is pleased to announce the selection of six seasoned and aspiring non-profit managers for this year’s Graceful Giving leadership training series called “Managing with Grace: Find your SuperPower to Leading Well.”


Beth Woods

Executive Director
Hope's Promise

Erin Buck

Fitness and Personal Training Director
Upper Valley Aquatic Center

Susannah Abbott

Director of Development
Nashua (NH) Soup Kitchen & Shelter, Inc.

Stanley Delva

Stanley Delva Institutional Relations Manager
Cool Culture

Kristen Petricola

Lead Underwriter
On the Road Lending

Lauren Getts

Director of Marketing and Communications
Greater Manchester (NH) Chamber of Commerce

Check out the exciting leadership journey these talented change-makers are about to embark on!

How Are Hiring and Selection Decisions Typically Made?

The reality is that most hiring managers still rely on instinct more than data.

Address unconscious bias in your organization today, and you can:

  • Gain access to qualified candidates

  • Have a greater ability to retain existing employees

  • Build a diverse and equitable workplace environment.

Learn how with PXT Select’s Brand-New Whitepaper on Unconscious Bias.

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I could have spent thousands of dollars sending individual leaders out to leadership training here or there...I felt it was a much better investment of dollars to have our whole organization immersed in a method of understanding each other and communicating with each other. If you're looking to bring a team together, this is a good tool to do that.

Maura McQueeney
President & CEO
Home Healthcare Hospice & Community Services


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