All Done!

Congratulations, you are now on your way to hiring right and leading well!
We will schedule this assessment(s) and send you an email message to confirm that the invitation(s) have gone out, typically with two to four hours upon receipt of your submission.
Watch out for the PXT Select reports which will be sent to you (or the person you indicated in Step 1). There will be three report formats for various applications as follows:

• PXT Select™ Comprehensive Selection Report (a great place to start; you will find many suggested interview question here)
• PXT Select™ Coaching Report (this offers management suggestions based on the person’s style and job benchmark)
• PXT Select™ Individual Feedback Report (you can share this report with the person who took the assessment)

If you have questions at any time along the way, reach out to us at
Thank you for enlisting our help and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Why assess your candidates?

Pre-hire assessments make gathering date easy and can have a major impact on cost to- and time per-hire, as well as overall business performance.