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Our Personal 2019 Holiday Greeting (and Gift!) for You

A holiday treat from us to you This year, our team got together for a festive greeting, including a personal gift to YOU. We love this season where we can show our gratitude for all of those in the PeopleSense community. It is our privilege to work alongside you in creating healthy workplace relationships. Watch…

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Unleash Yourself to Find the Best in YOU!

strengths, interests, unleash, workforce, managment

Do you ever hold back? Not say what you really think? Choose to stick with what’s tried and true instead of deciding to unleash yourself and your creativity? Unleashing your authentic self starts with being clear.

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Falling into new routines with grace

Living without Grace the last few months has had many hollow moments. There’s an emptiness without her presence and I really miss the patterns that we had grown accustomed to and enjoyed. But she and I always savored lots of things about the fall season and because of those memories, I am falling into new…

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Saying Good-Bye: My eternal walk with Grace

Grace my dog provides inspiration

This is a post that I always knew I’d need to write, but I have long dreaded the time when I would have to announce the loss of my treasured companion and friend. Grace and I started our journey together in June of 2005 when she was about eight months old. On August 28, 2019,…

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Let’s Put Away the Judgment and Lead by Example

Helping others feels good. If I’ve learned anything from my years of volunteer work, it’s that giving back gives us the opportunity to lead by example and surprisingly learn a lot about ourselves in the process. For many years, my dog Grace and I have banded together to tackle the myriad types of trash that…

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Give Change a Chance

Even people you know well, people you may have worked with for years, can throw you a curveball. Maybe you’re both faced with an unfamiliar situation or the general circumstances change. You might be surprised by how the other person reacts (and by your own response). This happened recently with my dog, Grace, and it…

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The Power of Job Fit

Recently, my husband and I decided that the windows in our home really needed a washing. We have done it before, but neither of us particularly enjoyed it, nor did we do a very good job. In the past, we researched the best methods (including homemade formulas, newspapers, and lint free cloths) and spent a…

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Even strong teams are impacted when new players are introduced

When a strong team has a change in players, it is tempting to underestimate the impact of that transition. With a solid foundation in place, things could only improve. Right? But it doesn’t work that way. When even just one new person joins a team, dynamics change. Roles may shift, decision-processes may morph, and alliances…

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Graceful Giving — and Receiving

conflict resolution

Conflict brings to mind so many emotions, most of them negative. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Changing the way you look at conflict will change the outcome, which was a point captured by an astute group I recently had the pleasure of working with.  In a workshop this past weekend with The…

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