How to Keep Everything DiSC® Alive in Your Organization

Keeping Everything DiSC Dynamic

Ever been to an awesome training that’s so inspiring and educational you leave super excited to put new skills into place? Then WHAM! You sit down at your computer and the normal deluge of emails, projects, and problems suddenly become the priority. All that you learned is sitting in your head, but you can’t find…

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Virtual Team Training: It Works!

Virtual Team Training PeopleSense Consulting

We all appreciate that in-person interactions can be stronger than those we have in virtual settings. It’s not just that body language is easier to read, but we aren’t dealing with technology issues, bad lighting, or audio glitches. So any managers wanting only the best results might wonder if virtual team training sessions are worth…

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Dreaming Big With My #Oneword This Year!

Dreaming Big in 2021

Many people have high hopes that 2021 will be better than the year we just ushered out. I certainly yearn to get back to some basic routines, like hugging a friend or being able to meet a colleague for coffee without concern of getting or spreading any virus. It’s those simple pleasures that often mean…

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The Promise of a 7-Foot Fir Tree

Holiday Tree

When you step back and think about bringing a 7-foot, live tree into your house and hanging trinkets on it, it seems a bit odd. Even more perplexing is how a Douglas Fir, standing indoors and isolated from its former forest mates, can offer a deep sense of human connection. But so it is. These…

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PeopleSense Consulting Named NHBSR Sustainability Slam Finalist!

PeopleSense Consulting was again named a finalist in the Small Company category for Workplace in the 2020 NHBSR Sustainability Slam! This annual event is full of great stories, that like ours, inspire businesses both big and small to take on the really important issues. We can be a force for change. Our story: When COVID…

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Giving Thanks & Graceful Giving

Graceful Giving 2020 Announcement

November brings with it one of my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving. It’s more than just delicious food and time to spend with people you care about (both very important!). It’s also a time to show gratitude. It feels especially important now to take time to recognize all the good in our lives. And I’d suggest that…

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October 2020 Power Hour: Let’s Talk about Accountability

In this month’s Flash Consulting Power Hour, the PeopleSense Consulting team discusses the ins and outs of Accountability. Holding yourself and others accountable is a critical piece of healthy workplace cultures, yet it is often avoided or not done well. We talk about why it’s important, why’s it hard, and how to move towards making…

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Accountability in the Workplace Can Be Hard

Accountability in the Workplace Two Paths

One of the toughest decisions a leader makes is taking action when an employee isn’t working out. Maybe the reason is due to inadequate performance or it could be a poor cultural fit. In either case, if appropriate steps have been taken to resolve the issue and lots of support has been given, the right…

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September 2020 Power Hour: Reinvigorating Your Team After Months of Covid

In this month’s Flash Consulting Power Hour, the PeopleSense Consulting team discusses how to rejuvenate your team after months of Covid. We explore three areas (Different Work Schedules, Personalism vs Professionalism, and Changing Uncertainty) and discuss strategies to create not just a new normal, but a BETTER normal. Listen in and learn actionable ways to…

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