What Do a Smelly Skunk and a Chaotic Workplace Have in Common?

Zuzu Skunk

Zuzu and her brief dress-up session for Halloween

What do a smelly skunk and a chaotic workplace have in common? They both have the power to leave a lasting impression, whether you like it or not! Both stink, right? But the effects of one can be truly damaging. (Hint: It’s not the skunk.) 

As you know, I’m a dog person, and I am so grateful that none of our dogs have ever had a run-in with nature’s stinkiest animal. Even though not a pleasant situation, with a good tomato juice bath and some scrubbing, the problem can be fairly easily solved.

The scent of a chaotic workplace, on the other hand, is much harder to wash away. It’s all too easy for teams to slip into patterns of dysfunction. And while a skunk’s odor will eventually fade, a team’s frustrations tend to keep piling up.

So What’s the Fix?

Graceful Giving 2023 A profoundly effective tool we rely on at PeopleSense Consulting is Patrick Lencioni’s impactful framework, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®. Through the Personal Development version of this program, leaders step back from their daily work to get explicit about:

  • What makes collaboration powerfully effective
  • How we can make ripples within our organizations
  • And how we can get back to teams that are fun and fulfilling.

When I first encountered Lencioni’s ideas, I remember thinking how brilliant they were. The Five Behaviors model seems simple, almost like it’s nothing new. But sometimes what is simplest can be the most challenging. 

All of us fall into habits that are the opposite of strong teamwork. But as members of a team, we each need to exercise support, understanding, and trust, while also holding high standards. It isn’t always easy, but it is possible.

This year, we’ll be offering six non-profit leaders from across the country to engage in this experience with us as part of our annual Graceful Giving celebration. Graceful Giving is our way of giving back to the non-profits that serve our communities every day.

We provide their managers and leaders with professional development at zero cost to the organization, so they can focus time and energy on putting new leadership habits into action.

Does that sound like the kind of opportunity that could level-up your leadership approach and cause positive ripples for your team?

Apply & Unleash Your Potential!

5BsWe’re excited to see Graceful Giving applications rolling in from non-profit managers specializing in a range of critical work, from improving animal welfare to reducing the stigma around mental illness.

When these kinds of leaders gain awareness of how their own habits cause specific outcomes, even small adjustments can help spark significant change for their teams. Everyone has the chance to work better together and things become…less chaotic.

We’d love to see your application for this year’s Graceful Giving program! Join us and see how it provides the right support to make your impacts as a leader more effective and meaningful. We also encourage you to share with friends who might benefit from being part of this year’s talented cohort.

The deadline for applications coincides with Halloween — don’t be skunked! Apply now!

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