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Unwrapping Joy: Holiday Wisdom from Rudolph and Friends

Every kid (at every age) knows Santa wouldn’t be able to deliver all his goodies without the help of his nine reindeer. Of course, the story of Rudolph with his shining nose, reminds us that each individual, whether two or four-legged, offers opportunities to learn and appreciate each other.

A Classic Tale

Many shunned Rudolph because of something unusual about him (his red shining nose!). But an unexpected circumstance created an opportunity for Rudolph to shine (pun intended!). During that winter storm, which caused low visibility for the critical Christmas Eve flight, Rudolph led the way through dark night skies. And instead of being ridiculed for being different, he became valued and revered.

What better time than this holiday to look around to those you know and evaluate their gifts, even unexpected ones?

A Closer Look

Our youngest dog, Zuzu, is an active and vocal creature. On most days, it’s a challenge to keep up with her energy needs. Yet, put her in front of a blazing fire, and she becomes mediative, almost instantly. Maybe it’s the warmth or the mesmerizing action of the flames. But it calms her down and makes her very happy. She shows us that doing something that you love, maybe even something unexpected (like laying down calmly!), brings great joy. Make sure to find time for joy in your life.

Lucy, the sassy senior in the bunch, is confidently in charge of most situations, without being overbearing. She realizes the importance of rest and taking life as it comes. Plenty of naps work for her and who couldn’t use more quality rest?

Orange tabby brothers, Oliver and Dodger, may look like twins, but they don’t act like it. Oliver loves to snuggle on a lap and will tolerate us dressing him in a Santa hat. Dodger would never allow that hat! He is much more comfortable perched on the dining room table (where he is forbidden, ha!). He likes attention – but only when he is on the floor. Don’t even think about picking him up! His individuality shines just like Rudolph – in his own special way.

Joy All Around

So this holiday season, if you perceive an issue or wart on someone, look further and see how it might be an asset instead. May you find ways to bring out the unique and wonderful traits of all those around you, including yourself! 


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