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Ready for a lasting impact for yourself and your team?

Offices have changed and so has workplace culture. Whether your people are at home, on-site, or somewhere in between, the goal remains the same. You want to shape an engaged, collaborative workforce that works.

The differences between a prospering culture and a toxic one are obvious. Impacts on morale, productivity, job satisfaction, retention, quality of work, and loyalty are evident even to a casual by-stander. No employee wants to feel trapped in an environment where they are misunderstood and no one cares about their well-being.

That’s why we work with organizations to build workplace cultures that are instead rooted in trust, kindness, and respect. One of the simple, proven tools we rely on is Everything DiSC®. It helps individuals understand more about themselves and others. It also provides a structure for organizational culture to evolve. The outcome is an environment where people feel invested and bring their true selves to the table so everyone thrives.

Imagine if you could open a new tab and right away get a bulleted list of what each individual cares about, when to pull them into a project for a support, and exactly what stresses them out? We can make it happen.

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Everything DiSC on Catalyst

Introducing Catalyst

We’d like to introduce you to, Everything DiSC on Catalyst®, a cutting-edge environment for personal and team development.
With this new learning platform, you and your team can log in anytime, anywhere, and continue to gain the social and emotional know-how to have more effective interactions every day.

This powerful platform allows people to:

  • Better understand both themselves and their colleagues
  • Appreciate and value differences in perspective and approach
  • Readily and consistently adapt to the unique needs of each person or situation they encounter


Catalyst is a training tool that your team members will actually enjoy taking advantage of. And that makes the hard work of lasting behavior change possible.

The Magic Sauce

Sound too simple? Let’s get real for a minute. We all spend so much time online these days, it’s not always easy to remember to log into one more thing.

At PeopleSense, we want to help everyone tap into the magic sauce of Everything DiSC, because frankly, it’s not that hard. It just takes commitment and the outcomes is culture change that drives results.

To help you make it happen, we’ve created a Free Idea Sheet with 15 simple ways you can leverage DiSC to make your team more cohesive, productive, and connected every day. Build these simple practices into your workplace culture and watch your organization evolve!

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