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For select projects, I tap into the talents offered by my amazing colleagues: Nancy Bishop and Leaf Seligman. It’s not just their expertise that compels me to involve them, they are kind, supportive advisers who care about people and make a difference with their work. Nancy offers career coaching services and Leaf is co-facilitator at several workshops.

There is one other critical team member who provides a great deal of inspiration to me everyday. Her name is Grace. She is a small dog with a big presence and has been a huge influence on my life and work.
Meet Grace

Nancy Bishop offers career coaching services

Nancy Bishop is a professionally trained coach and graduate of Coach U, the leading global provider in coach training programs. She established her coaching practice, Your Life Your Way Coaching, in 1999. She serves busy professionals who long to find more time, energy and abundance to live more authentically.

Nancy Bishop and Robin have worked together for more than a decade, with a mutual respect and a common interest to help individuals be their best in the workplace. Individuals seeking career exploration support will benefit from Nancy’s expertise, and find real answers from her creative, meaningful, results-based support.

Nancy brings to life the powerful and insightful information revealed from the Pathway Planner assessment, essential for anyone wanting to find their authentic career path.

Nancy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services. She is a member of the International Association of Coaching and Coachville. Her background includes work in the areas of career/professional transitions, human resources, counseling and health & wellness. She has held positions in non-profit organizations as well as in banking, small business, and publishing.

She has written dozens of articles that have been published online and in a variety of health and personal development magazines such as Personal Excellence Magazine and StayFit Magazine.

Her personal story of overcoming the adversity of living with a chronic illness was published in an anthology of inspirational stories, titled “Recovering Your Lost Self from Adversity,” compiled by Art Martin and Tony Stubbs and published by Personal Transformation Press in June 2004.

When not coaching others on pursuing their passion, she is pursuing her own. She enjoys walking in nature, photography, painting, and a good cup of tea.

Leaf Seligman brings strong expertise to animal-theme workshops

From Leaf’s childhood in Tennessee, writing has been her primary way of making meaning, understanding the incomprehensible, and cultivating compassion. She moved to New England where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Relations from the University of Connecticut, then completed a Master’s Degree in Writing at the University of New Hampshire and pursued teaching. Leaf taught writing, human relations and women’s studies at UNH from 1985-1999 with a brief hiatus for graduate studies in playwriting at Brandeis in the early nineties.

Leaf enjoys spending lots of time with her beautiful German Shepherd, Zuki
Leaf enjoys spending lots of time with her beautiful German Shepherd, Zuki

Growing up in the South during the Civil Rights era shaped Leaf’s passion for justice and ignited an interest in teaching in prison. She has taught and led writing workshops, administered Humanities Council grants, developed a curriculum for teaching writing to incarcerated individuals and currently coordinates the Alternatives to Violence Project at the North Central Correctional Institute in Gardner, MA.

In 1999, she left teaching at UNH to attend Harvard Divinity School where she earned her M.Div. degree. Leaf spent a year as a volunteer chaplain at the Cheshire County House of Correction and ten years as a congregational minister. During that time, she studied Family Systems Theory, presented at denominational conferences, and served as a volunteer hospital chaplain. A collection of her Sabbath meditations called Opening the Window was published in 2011 (Bauhan Publishing). In 2013, she retired from ministry to resume a writing-centered life.

That life now includes teaching Integrative Thinking and Writing at Keene State College, individual writing guidance and group writing experiences offered through Opening the Window—Writing That Matters, and collaborating with Robin on the Fox and the Hound: Building Alliances Across Personalities and No Snark, No Bark: Creating a Harmonious WorkplaceLeaf finds the collaboration with Robin so enjoyable because it affords her the chance to enlist various skill sets honed through all her vocational endeavors.

And of course Leaf is thrilled to have more time to spend with her black German Shepherd, Zuki!

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