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Introducing a New Kind of Interactive Workshop

Lessons about workplace dynamics from man's best friend 

Tap into your own natural style to its fullest, so you can work well with all types of people! Certified therapy dogs are our partners for the day, offering us a creative way to achieve this goal. Animals have an extraordinary level of intuition and can help us learn things about ourselves that we may not see as easily on our own.  You'll find the small group size and comfortable setting to be the ideal place to experience a new attitude about yourself and others.


What Will We Cover?

Learn how to change the way you work, creating a workplace where everyone is productive, respectful, and happy!

In this three-hour workshop, you'll develop a keen awareness of your own leadership style, learn how to unleash that style to its maximum potential, as well as how to effectively communicate with people who have a contrasting leadership approach.

Who Should Attend?

If you are ready to learn, grow, and enhance your leadership effectiveness, this workshop is for you. 

Anyone who is enthusiastic about their self-development, willing to establish goals, and take action based on feedback will benefit, including: 

  • Any individual who wants to improve their leadership and/or team approach
  • A team leader or member who wants to improve team dynamics
  • Manager and employee teams or functional teams from the same organization
  • A business owner with a desire to increase effectiveness of interpersonal relationships
  • An executive or manager in an organization who wants to raise the bar on performance naturally
  • A human resources professional with a desire to help others