Virtual Workshop: Unexpected Ways to Leverage Your Personality in the Workplace


WHAT:      "Unexpected Ways to Leverage Your Personality in the Workplace"
                   Learn how your personality impacts workplace dynamics and how to improve it
WHEN:      Typically held in two 90-minute facilitated sessions
COST:        Based on size of group and number of sessions
WHERE:     Via Zoom, virtual office

Unexpected Ways to Leverage Your Personality in the Workplace

Even during this time of unprecedented change, our team knows that some important things have stayed the same. We all want to do work we love, with colleagues we trust, and organizations that help us develop. That means our learning must continue, but in new ways.

Our goal is to support those who want to build healthy workplace relationships. In-person workshops may not yet be a preference though we all know the value of coming together to share and learn together. So let's carry on! Join us for our virtual workshop entitled: "Unexpected Ways to Leverage Your Personality in the Workplace."

Don't miss this opportunity to grow and develop yourself and your team when you immerse yourself in this experience.

Why Work Styles Matter

Everything DiSC® is a program designed to help raise awareness of one's own work style, the styles of others, and blending those styles to build more effective relationships. One way is not better than the other, but the strengths and challenges of each style absolutely affects how we interact with each other.

Have you ever wished someone had a greater sense of urgency? Or desired more details when working on a project with a colleague? Thought someone was too emotional in their reaction to a situation?

The list of possibilities for potential disagreement and conflict between any two people – whether co-workers, family, or friends – is long. Come learn how you can create effective interactions with anyone while respecting every person and their unique approach. Will you join us in this valuable experience where we all can learn together?


Are You Ready to Advance Your Development?

Here's what you can expect:

  • Two 90-minute facilitated sessions presented via Zoom
  • A 22-page individualized profile report, rich with information and guidance about the different styles. (Totally customized—an invaluable resource long after the workshop ends.)
  • Access to a learning community designed to support your success and growth
  • Actionable steps that will advance the way you work with others (while being true to yourself!)