Graceful Giving 2017 banner

Another successful Graceful Giving Campaign has ended!

The 2017 Graceful Giving Campaign ran from October 1 - October 31, 2017. The second annual event was another success, bringing in more than 50 donations for six worthy organizations.

The winning non-profit for this year's Graceful Giving Campaign is Arts Alive Monadnock! Not only did Arts Alive! raise funds to support their innovative Artist to Artist program, but they also won a GRAND PRIZE workshop from PeopleSense Consulting!

The exclusive, half-day, team-building workshop entitled Graceful Leadership: Building Respectful Relationships, includes ‘Everything DiSC Workplace Profile’ assessments and is valued at $1800.

In addition, one of our Graceful Giving donors was chosen at random to receive $100 cash. That winner is Hannah Walton, who donated to Keene Family YMCA. Congratulations, Hannah!

Thank you to all of our participating non-profits, donors, and supportive community members. Graceful Giving 2017 was a HUGE success, and it is heartening to see the spirit of generosity and kindness that all of you embraced during this month-long celebration.

For more information about how the Campaign worked, see the event page below. If you are interested in learning how to get involved for the 2018 Campaign, Robin would love to hear from you! 

What is Graceful Giving?

This event is a fun celebration of so many important things! The concept was inspired by my dog, Grace, who was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico by a non-profit. The Graceful Giving Campaign is now an annual event that happens in October, around the time of Grace’s birthday. Instead of gifts for Grace, donors support a non-profit by donating any amount, and prizes are awarded. But the important thing is that everyone wins by connecting and expanding their communities.

Graceful Giving is a way to bring our communities together to honor and nurture respectful relationships while emphasizing the importance of helping each other through times of need.

This October, Grace turns 13! We think it's the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how important it is to help each other, through good and bad times. Graceful Giving is a way for all of us to show appreciation and support for the many non-profits who are doing such important work in our communities. Grace's story of overcoming challenges illustrates that we all have the potential to be extraordinary with a little help from those who love and support us.

So in honor of Grace’s birthday, let’s all work together to show our support for the non-profits who work hard to enrich the quality of our lives in countless ways.

How do I participate?

It's easy but you must complete both steps to help your non-profit!

  1. Donate any amount to one of the participating non-profits listed here. 
  2. Record your contribution in the form below.


It includes ‘Everything DiSC Workplace Profile’ assessments with facilitation by Robin Eichert of PeopleSense Consulting, valued at $1800. These programs are often not easily budgeted for and become treasured training opportunities for non-profits. Last year's winner, Margaret Nelson, Executive Director, of The River Center described the value she and her team experienced in this short video.

And, one lucky donor (it might be you!) will be chosen at random to win $100 in cash!

Come on, get involved! Share this page to others and let's all win together. Grace has paws up for that!

What are the rules?

  • The campaign runs from October 1, 2017 through 12 midnight Eastern Time, October 31, 2017. All entry forms must be submitted during this time to be eligible for the prizes.
  • One donation per individual will be counted towards the prizes for the non-profit organization.
  • One individual can make a donation to multiple organizations to be counted towards each non-profit.
  • There is no minimum donation amount to qualify.
  • Donations made to the non-profit are on the honor system; PeopleSense Consulting will not require any validation or reporting from the non-profit.
  • When making your donation to the non-profit, it’s a good idea to note “Graceful Giving” so the non-profit knows what prompted you to donate!

Have questions?

Email or call Robin Eichert for more info at [email protected]