October is Graceful Giving!

At PeopleSense, we believe in a couple guiding principles: fostering healthy relationships and giving back.

They’re baked into the work we do all year long, but October gives us a chance to highlight these important priorities. What started years ago as a fun and quirky birthday celebration for my adopted dog, Grace, continues to grow and evolve into a significant offering to non-profit organizations.

The original intent was to acknowledge what an inspiration Grace had been to me, not just personally but professionally.Understanding how we interact with another, especially in challenging times (whether co-worker, family member, or pet), we can improve those relationships. It starts with self-awareness, then building skills to adjust in ways that respect both parties.

A natural extension was to involve the non-profit community, recognizing the work (and people) who do so much to enrich the lives of all of us. Grace and I benefited from several non-profit organizations that not only pulled her off the streets of Puerto Rico but also provided training resources that made an enormous difference in our relationship.

Graceful Giving was launched nearly 10 years ago and even though Grace has passed, her lessons remain strong. All of us at PeopleSense Consulting invite you to join in the celebration!

Applications due by midnight, October 31, 2022!

Non-Profit Managers—We Invite You to Join Graceful Giving!

Free Training Program for Non-Profit Managers!

This year, our Graceful Giving program will offer six individuals, each from a different non-profit, a seat at a management development program entitled: “Managing with Grace: Find Your SuperPower to Leading Well.” The program is intended to support anyone wanting to improve and enhance their leadership potential.

Non-profits are often (and understandably) struggling to fund services that support their mission. With budgets tight on basic needs, like infrastructure and payroll, professional development programs are historically neglected, if held at all. Yet, having strong leaders and a healthy work culture are critical to the sustainability of a thriving non-profit.

Supporting leaders in their professional growth, which leads to healthy work environments is what we do. Let’s collaborate! We can support your needs and our resources for a fun, engaging, and worthwhile experience together.

“I really appreciated the chance to be introspective and better understand the strengths and challenges of some of my tendencies. I think the most beneficial part was hearing how each of the DiSC styles play off of each other.”

-2021 Graceful Giving Participant, Monadnock United Way

Description of “Managing with Grace” Program

Our work together will be based on the Everything DiSC® Management module, a professional development solution proven to increase the effectiveness of anyone in a management rolewhether managing direct reports or the relationship with their own manager. A complete program focuses learning in five key areas:

  • Your Management Style
  • Direct and delegate
  • Motivation
  • Develop talent
  • Manage up

Our first, full-group session of “Managing with Grace: Find Your SuperPower to Leading Wellwill provide an overview of each area. Then you will select one of the content areas that meets your unique professional development goal. Others with similar development goals will meet in a small group, facilitated for deeper discovery and improvement opportunities.

You’ll also have the opportunity to experience a one-on-one session, where you, in discussion with a member of the PeopleSense team, identify specific, actionable steps to drive your success. Your learning journey culminates in a full-group gathering where you will present your goal, learning steps, and action plan.

The series will be offered beginning in early December and ending in February with a total time commitment of approximately 7.5 hours.

At the completion of the program, participants will have ongoing access to the learning platform, Catalyst, for continued development long after our official time together as a group wraps up.

Hurry -- Applications due by midnight, October 31, 2022!

Graceful Giving Gives Back: Join Us In Creating Healthy Workplace Relationships

Participant Take-Aways

This list outlines the potential benefits of this program. Note that each person will find some more applicable than others for their specific needs.

  • Discover your DiSC Management style: recognize the priorities and preferences that shape your experience as a manager of others and as an employee who must also effectively manage up.
  • Understand how your unique style informs your approach to directing and delegation.
  • Learn strategies for improving employee motivation and developing the full potential of people with various DiSC styles.
  • Identify new ways to work more effectively with your manager.

“Excellent facilitation! You do a great job of reflecting back what you are hearing and adding helpful insights. The lessons were really good and you provided a safe place for everyone.”

-2021 Graceful Giving Participant, MUW

It’s easy to apply for this amazing opportunity!

Just complete a short application, telling us a little about yourself and why you want to participate.

There are no restrictions or requirements about your current experience level, in fact, we are seeking a diverse group, ranging from seasoned manager to aspiring ones – and anything in between! Even if you’ve never managed before – but would like to – you can apply. Are you a seasoned veteran but also looking to grow and learn – this is for you, too!

We encourage diversity from any perspective, not just your degree of management experience. Tell us about what makes you unique and deserving of this opportunity in your application!




Important Guidelines:

  • Deadline for all applications is October 31, 2022.

  • Applicants must be employed by a 501c3 organization within the United States.

  • Applicants can be at any stage of their management career, from aspiring manager to seasoned veteran. The priority is a desire to grow personally and professionally.

  • Participants will be selected at the discretion of PeopleSense Consulting, based on criteria mentioned above. Narratives from applicants will help us identify those who demonstrate a high degree of interest in actively participating, learning, and willingness to take action.

  • Participants must be able to attend all sessions to the best of their ability. The series will be offered beginning in early December and ending in February with a total time commitment of approximately 7.5 hours.

  • All participants give permission for their name and the name of their non-profit to be used in PeopleSense Consulting's marketing promotions for Graceful Giving. (We want to congratulate, recognize, and celebrate participants in this program; session content will be confidential.)

  • PeopleSense Consulting will notify all applicants of selection decision by November 15, 2022.

Hurry -- Applications due by midnight, October 31, 2022!