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Find trusted advice to your management questions - fast!

I designed the Learning Resource Center (LRC) for busy leaders who probably don’t have easy access to expensive consulting advice. In each of the 100+ short video segments, I share ideas, information, and inspiration for how to navigate through tricky management decisions.

Over the years and many conversations with managers and leaders, I noticed a pattern in the questions I was receiving. It made me realize that many other people were likely having the same questions, too.

That’s how the LRC was born. Lack of time often prevents lengthy consulting engagements, and resources can cancel out access to quick coaching advice. So where do leaders go when they need honest answers to real questions, like: “Should I really check references?” or “How do I know when it’s time to terminate someone?”

Now they can come to the LRC! It provides ongoing professional development for a reasonable one-time fee that costs less than most in-person classes and much less than a coaching or consulting engagement

My other aim in creating this resource is to build a community where we can learn together. That’s why I’ve incorporated monthly, online Round Robin Q&A sessions that gather and engage smart people who are willing to share and support each other.

These invitation-only forums dig into challenging workplace dilemmas being faced by LRC members. This kind of consulting time would regularly be valued at hundreds of dollars an hour, but for LRC members, it’s simply an added bonus. Plus, each session is recorded so you can still benefit even if you can’t attend in real time.

Lifetime Access: PeopleSense Consulting Learning Resource Center

It's easy to tap into this knowledge base of resources.  You can get immediate, lifetime access to the vast and growing content in the LRC when you pay a reasonable, one-time fee!
Subscribing is easy; just click the button, you will receive your log-in credentials.  Then browse and search for the guidance you need - when you need it!

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What's in the Learning Resource Center?

If you’re looking for trusted advice about how to hire right and lead well in your organization, the Learning Resource Center will be a great fit for you. This ever-growing collection of content is yours for a lifetime when you pay the one-time fee. The LRC will help you gain perspective and become inspired through real-life stories, valuable tips, and useful facts that illustrate how to create healthy workplace relationships. 

With a continually expanding collection of video titles, you’ll find hundreds of practical and proven ideas delivered in easy-to-digest segments. As a member, you’ll have 24/7 access, so you can tap into the information at the moment when you need it the most!

The videos are organized into three categories: Hiring, Managing, and Assessments. Here’s a sampling of titles so you’ll know what to expect from the content:

Hiring Category

Managing Category

Assessments Category

Is the LRC for you?

If you’re a new manager or an experienced leader committed to improving your skills, this is the place to find advice and inspiration. The Learning Resource Center is designed with one goal in mind—to help you hire right and lead well!

What to expect from the Learning Resource Center

Get immediate, lifetime access to the vast and growing content in the LRC when you pay a reasonable, one-time fee! Here are some of the exciting ways you’ll benefit:

  • Explore more than 100 videos on a diverse range of hiring and managing topics. Videos average about 5 minutes, offering clear information fast. Recorded Round Robin sessions are about an hour each, rich with ideas and inspiration based on member questions.
  • Take part in invitation-only, monthly Round Robin Q&A sessions. These online forums offer valuable consulting time that would typically cost hundreds of dollars an hour. Instead, you can get solutions for your most pressing management issues by asking questions before and during the live session. Each Q&A is recorded so you can view again at your convenience.
  • Be first to receive exclusive offers and invitations from PeopleSense Consulting, including opportunities to participate in beta product development cycles, showcase events, webinars and workshops. LRC members get priority for special opportunities that enhance your management initiatives.
  • Access everything 24/7 via secure log-in so you can find answers to your questions when you need them.

Dog Inspired Leadership Lessons

Sometimes our teachers come from unexpected places. My 20-lb rescue dog, Grace, is one such teacher for me.

In 2005, I adopted Grace, a shy, timid dog who soon displayed behaviors that concerned me, like nipping and growling at visitors in my home. When I reached out to the experts for help, it became clear very quickly that Grace wasn’t the problem—it was in fact me that needed to change.

That was the ‘a-ha’ moment of the first leadership lesson she taught me. Far too often managers expect the employee to be the one to make all the changes, which was exactly the mistake I was making. I wanted others to “fix my dog” but Grace was trying to tell me that she couldn’t survive in the environment I was creating for her.

Workplace dynamics are no different. It’s more than just “fixing the employee.” Managers and employees both need to participate in any successful problem resolution.

Grace has been a keen teacher for me, providing amazing opportunities for me to see myself more clearly. In my quest to support Grace, she teaches me important leadership lessons almost every day. And I get to share those lessons to help leaders like you “unleash” yourselves and your full potential.

So Grace and I have become a team to share these stories with you. You’ll see her in some of the videos and lessons in the LRC, helping you on your journey of what I like to call, Graceful Leadership.

Common Questions You May Have

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What if this doesn't meet my needs?

It is my sincere desire that the Learning Resource Center will provide infinite ideas and support for you in your management journey. If you find that is not the case, send a request for a refund within 7 days of receipt of purchase. I’d like to learn why it did not meet your needs and will honor your refund request.

Ready to Unleash Your Full Potential?

There’s no need to wait any longer! Start your journey now.

The Learning Resource Center will provide hours of trusted advice that’s concise and easily searchable to aid in your management decisions. As part of the LRC community, you will learn, network, grow, and be inspired! Help your organization build a culture where team members are committed and loyal, energized and productive.

Unleash your full potential now! Welcome to the PeopleSense Consulting Community!

Lifetime Access Now!

Have any burning questions before you join us? Contact me at [email protected] so I can help.

Here’s to your Graceful Leadership!

A Free Look into the Video Library

You can test drive the library for 30 days without any obligation! Sign up and get a 30 Day FREE trial and browse through all the videos. A sampling of videos are previewed below and you are invited to listen in. Robin talks about the origins and benefits of the LRC in the video titled, "Learn More" and the others are samples of the videos housed in the Library. Members have 24/7 access to the library, plus access to a monthly Round Robin Online Workshop. If you can't attend the session live, a recording is housed in the library so you can listen at your convenience.

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