On-site workshops are a great way to involve teams in collaborative learning. Robin creates a welcoming and participatory environment for everyone, ensuring that conversation flows easily and comfortably; topics are addressed with respect and without judgement. She uses an innovative and interesting method of integrating dog and animal themes into her presentations, using pictures, videos, and stories that bring to life the concepts we face in our workplaces.The material will be designed to address particular situations that are unique to your organization. Some of the topics are co-facilitated, based on subject and number of participants and the sessions listed here are a sampling of topics available.

Dogged Leadership:

A New Kind of Interactive Workshop


Tap into your own natural style to its fullest, so you can work well with all types of people! Certified therapy dogs are our partners for the day, offering us a creative way to achieve this goal. 


  • Develop a keen awareness of your own leadership style
  • Learn how to unleash that style to its maximum potential
  • Learn  how to effectively communicate with people who have a contrasting leadership approach
  • Leave with an understanding of how you can create a workplace where everyone is productive, respectful, and happy

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Graceful Leadership:

Building Respective Relationships


The quality of relationships in the workplace dramatically impacts the outcomes of work productivity and employee satisfaction. We'll explore how you can create respectful relationships with your colleagues, even with those that you don't understand or enjoy.


  • Explore the value and importance of respectful relationships
  • Discuss how every person has responsibility to positively impact that relationship
  • Develop skills to have difficult conversations

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What Type of Leader are You?


This session is designed to help any individual gain a clearer view of their leadership style and enhance their effectiveness in working with others. Discover through the objective lends of a valid assessment how your interactions are impacting your work performance and relationships.


  • Understand your key strengths and how that might correlate to a corresponding challenge
  • See how others perceive you
  • Learn how to work to your full potential, not trying to change the uniqueness of your style

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No Snark No Bark:

Creating a Harmonious Workplace


Create a code of conduct that allows colleagues to establish the workplace environment that ensures all employees behave responsibly and appropriately. Also develop process for holding each other accountable to the system.


  • Define characteristics and qualities of a harmonious workplace
  • Define code of conduct that is congruent with the harmonious workplace
  • Create accountability system that holds system in place, especially when it breaks!

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Fox & Hound:

Enhancing Workplace Collaboration


Based on the story of the deep friendship that developed from the unlikely fox and hound pair, we'll demonstrate how you can find workplace collaboration in any setting. Our personalities and work styles vary but we all seek a sense of belonging, purpose and security. Each person's contribution to the team matters and we perform better when we feel appreciated not in spite of our personality or style, but for it.


  • Designed to increase staff cohesion, creativity, and wholeheartedness
  • Engage participants through writing prompts, effective assessment tools, and a light-hearted but instructive look at what animals can teach us about our own behavior

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Thank you for sharing your expertise and presenting the subject with personal touches, experiences, and humor. This can be a touchy subject and yet you pulled it off beautifully, so much so that you succeeded in opening our minds to new possibilities.

Clyda DiNicola-Fernandez, CAP IAAP Pfizer Gro/NL Chapter

Robin's analysis of each of us was eerily right on. The actual assessment was brief but it was as if she's been watching us on hidden camera for weeks. What we learned helped us build a stronger team, using our employees' talents more effectively.

Tom and Debra Strickland Founders, Sequoya Technologies Group

Robin has helped us to understand how to work more effectively together by focusing on our complementary strengths. The results have been tremendous and valued highly by everyone in our organization.

Jim Callihan Co-founder,

After spending many years utilizing other testing companies, we now use PeopleSense Consulting. We have been able to identify and test for the key traits of successful salespeople in our business and with Robin's ongoing support our revenues grew 30% last year.

Thomas A. Barrett President, SIAA MidAmerica, Inc.

We both felt this [What Type of Leader are You? workshop] was the BEST seminar we have ever attended. Robin is truly unique and the information and interaction with other participants was phenomenal!

Joy Lorden, CLO

I appreciate the more complicated aspects of assessment testing and scoring, what really touched me was the emphasis on the fact that we ALL bring something valuable to the workplace and our differences actually can be our strength.

Carol Richards CPS IAAP Profile Chapter President

We gained some valuable insight in how to deal with co-workers, the why and how to make our relationships stronger and accomplish our goals.

Leslie Fish CPS IAAP Profile Chapter Secretary

I truly enjoyed the training you conducted. Having a better understanding of your fellow workers' personalities makes for a much better work environment. Thank you so much, Robin, for your expertise and patience.

Mary Downs Town & Country REALTORS

Robin is always so encouraging and addressed every question patiently and clearly. The take-home materials are excellent; we've posted ours on the staff bulletin board and people are still talking about it!

Margaret Nelson Executive Director, The River Center

Robin does an amazing job working with our Independent Insurance Agencies. Her content is spot on and presentation style is encouraging for everyone to participate. Our 40 agencies got so much out of her Management Workshop and Robin got rave reviews.

Elizabeth Powers Director of Agency Development, Valley Insurance Agency Alliance

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