October is Graceful Giving!

Graceful Giving 2018


At PeopleSense, we believe in a couple guiding principles: fostering healthy relationships and giving back. They’re baked into the work we do all year long, but each October, I take the opportunity to highlight these important priorities.

October is the month I celebrate the birthday of my adopted dog Grace. Her life was full of teaching important leadership lessons, and even though she has passed, it's perhaps even more important to continue her legacy. Grace was an instrumental teacher when it comes to building healthy relationships--for me and for others through our stories--so no reason for that to end!

Each year, in the spirit of Giving, and of course, Graceful Giving, PeopleSense works with a local non-profit and offers a day of training. Far too often, hard-working non-profits forgo professional development opportunities due to budget constraints. This is a small way to give back to those who selflessly care for others.

Read on and see how we're celebrating this year! 

A Graceful Giving Workshop for a Very Deserving Non-Profit!

Graceful Giving

This year's recipient: Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention

Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention (MCVP) was chosen by PeopleSense Consulting this year for the Graceful Giving workshop! This awe-inspiring organization is diligently working toward a violence-free Monadnock Region in NH. In addition to offering crisis intervention services, MCVP has a dedicated prevention education branch, with the goal of breaking the cycle of violence. The direct services staff includes full time advocates, a Family Violence Prevention Specialist, Shelter Advocate, and Housing First Advocate.

Said Mary Burnett, MCVP Board Chair, "We are honored to be the recipient of the Graceful Giving Program this year. We are looking forward to the training at our upcoming staff retreat so that we can learn more about how to strengthen our amazing, hard working team!"

This year's workshop is being facilitated by Jeni Callihan in January 2020. We'll let you know how much fun we all have!

2019 Program for Graceful Leadership Team Training

What is Graceful Giving?

Graceful Giving is a month-long celebration culminating in the selection of a non-profit that will receive a full-day workshop devoted to team development. The application process is outlined below, including a description of the workshop content.

Workshop description

The half-day workshop is called “Graceful Leadership: Understanding Self and Others for Respectful Relationships.”  Using the Everything DiSC® Workplace assessment allows each participant to gain clear self-awareness of their work style. It also helps them understand the strengths and preferences of others on the team. This drives renewed team effectiveness and productivity--and it's fun!

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What does the program cover?

The program helps everyone on the team to better understand their own personality style and their team members’ styles, based on the DiSC® model: D: Dominance, I: Influence, S: Steadiness, and C: Conscientiousness. They will also learn how their style contributes to the team’s overall success.

Would this program benefit your organization? Contact us so we can explore together! 


There's more!

In honor of a very special non-profit that rescued Grace off the streets of Puerto Rico, PeopleSense Consulting made a contribution to Second Chance Animal Rescue in Villalba, Puerto Rico. 

In 2017, I traveled to Puerto Rico and visited this shelter, wanting to understand a bit better what life was like for Grace in the beginning. I met Bonnie Lucas, who has worked tirelessly on the behalf of thousands of dogs (and other animals, too!) over the years. I can't thank her enough for making my connection to Grace possible.

Just a small way to extend the Graceful Giving fun!