Category: Communicating

The Silo Mentality is Optional

Why is it that someone feels compelled to operate in the silo mentality? Grace gave me the opportunity to ask that question the other morning when she had an unexpected reaction to a stray cat in our garden. What is the silo mentality? The silo mentality is rampant in organizations. It’s a well documented and familiar …

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Finding beauty in the beast

Yesterday when I returned home and stepped out of my car, I nearly flattened this baby snake with my feet before I realized he was there. Given his small size, measuring no more than six inches, he didn’t scare me, but he did startle me. Snakes generally terrorize me; I realize it’s not a very rationale reaction. This …

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Should you be direct or politically correct when delivering a tough message?

Grace has a way of getting my attention when she wants something. Sometimes she’s diplomatic (positioning her body within view, perhaps even touching mine, coupled with a long, meaningful stare) and other times she can be very direct (incessant whining that she must know drives me over-the-top ‘will-you-please-STOP-that’ nuts). Her first attempt to communicate her …

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