The Truth about Why Teaming Up Isn’t Always Natural or Easy

Teaming Up with The Five Behaviors

Want to know what makes companies 5 times as likely to be high performing? Collaboration. According to studies, collaborative work is a core trait of successful, modern workplaces. It’s essential for the best outcomes because when we pool our ideas, challenges, and solutions with others, we enrich the end result. Collaborative work environments have also…

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Joy moments at work are one key to career thriving and happiness

Heather Moreau - PeopleSense Consulting

This week, Heather spent time reflecting on her one-year anniversary of joining the PeopleSense Team. Here’s what she wanted to share: It’s almost surreal to be celebrating an entire year with PeopleSense Consulting. It’s been a year full of learning sparked by my first experience with Everything DiSC® at a workshop with PeopleSense founder, Robin…

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Getting to Know Our Team—We Can’t Forget Robin!

Founder Robin Eichert

Time to hear from our fearless leader! Over the last few weeks, founder Robin Eichert had the chance to interview the amazing members of the PeopleSense team. But this week, they wanted to turn the tables and ask her some questions! Jeni, Sheryl, and Heather each came up with two questions of their own for…

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Here’s how to support frontline employees

Support Frontline Employees

We’re rarely afforded one crisis at a time, and 2020 has brought with it challenges on every front. It has impacted the entire globe, drastically altering the way we live and work. While we all feel deeply the sadness, grief, and overwhelm that have marked this year, some have experienced it more significantly.  It’s more…

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PXT Select™ Interests

The PXT Select measures six areas that reflect what is enjoyable and motivating for an individual. Learn more about these occupational interests and how they impact job fit.

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PXT Select™ Overview

There are a few things to know about the PXT Select assessment that will help you understand why we measure what we measure, as well as how to use the information. This video gives you a foundation for using this powerful tool.

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PXT Select™ Independence

Some people despise being micro-managed while others enjoy receiving input and direction. In the video, you’ll start to recognize the differences, along with a tip for managers who are naturally autonomous.

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PXT Select™ Decisiveness

Everyone can make a decision, but the manner in how we approach a decision can vary greatly. In this video, Robin reviews decision-making methods and you will learn how to work better with others once you understand the differences.

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