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Assessment Tools

PXT Select™ Interests

The PXT Select measures six areas that reflect what is enjoyable and motivating for an individual. Learn more about these occupational interests and how they impact job fit.

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PXT Select™ Overview

There are a few things to know about the PXT Select assessment that will help you understand why we measure what we measure, as well as how to use the information. This video gives you a foundation for using this powerful tool.

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PXT Select™ Pace

The pace in which a person naturally works can be a critical indicator for job-fit. Learn how to identify the signs of those who move at different paces and how that impacts job performance.

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PXT Select™ Independence

Some people despise being micro-managed while others enjoy receiving input and direction. In the video, you’ll start to recognize the differences, along with a tip for managers who are naturally autonomous.

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PXT Select™ Decisiveness

Everyone can make a decision, but the manner in how we approach a decision can vary greatly. In this video, Robin reviews decision-making methods and you will learn how to work better with others once you understand the differences.

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PXT Select Outlook

Robin addresses the PXT Select scale called Outlook. Learn how Outlook plays a part in our everyday interactions and how it impacts our productivity and job-fit.

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PXT Select Conformity

In the video, Robin explains what the PXT Select is measuring with the scale called Conformity and how this is important in your selection and managing decisions.

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