How a tiny idea from a small dog evolved to have big impacts

Graceful Giving PeopleSense Consulting

It’s hard to believe that our annual Graceful Giving celebration has been happening for nearly ten years. While some things about this pro bono leadership development opportunity have changed, many important aspects have remained constant. It all started as a quirky birthday celebration for Grace, founder Robin Eichert’s adopted dog. Since Grace was rescued by…

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Change in 2023 May Be Easier than You Think

change in the new year

During a typical week my dog Zuzu and I go on morning walks, as has become our routine over the last two years since she came to live with us. Frankly, these walks often end up being as frustrating as they are enjoyable — both for her and me. I’ve always loved walking with a…

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Recruitment and selection: Improving the candidate experience

Recruitment and selection

For most hiring managers, the recruitment and selection process is overwhelming. This is especially true right now when the job market is tight and finding people for your team (nevermind the right ones!) can seem like a tall order. It takes precious time to advertise, coordinate, interview, offer, and onboard, which can make hiring managers…

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Getting to Know Our Team—We Can’t Forget Robin!

Founder Robin Eichert

Time to hear from our fearless leader! Over the last few weeks, founder Robin Eichert had the chance to interview the amazing members of the PeopleSense team. But this week, they wanted to turn the tables and ask her some questions! Jeni, Sheryl, and Heather each came up with two questions of their own for…

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How I love to love: Not just on Valentine’s Day

PeopleSense Consulting - Zuzu Valentine's Banner

I will admit that I use the word ‘love’ a lot. I get enthusiastic about things and I’m prone to find the positive in most situations. I write it frequently in emails and you’ll often see a red heart emoji in my text messages. So, while it rolls off the tongue very naturally, I try…

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Sweet Tidings from Zuzu…Savor the Season!

‘Tis the season to be jolly! It is with great delight that I write in appreciation and gratitude that you are part of the PeopleSense Consulting community. All year long, our team works alongside you to build healthy workplace relationships, and we have seen rewarding results from so many. It often takes hard work and…

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Relationships Are Built with Time and Effort

It’s the first week of fall and the final week of our formal anniversary celebration. Thank you for joining us in marking 20 years of PeopleSense Consulting. What a wonderful occasion to share with you all! BUT don’t worry, the fun isn’t over yet! We still have one more surprise we’re excited to share. So…

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Getting Inspired with Graceful Giving!

Graceful Giving 2021

Inspiration can come in very unlikely packages. Take for instance, my adopted dog, Grace, who influenced me in countless ways over the years. My time with her nudged me in directions that expanded my knowledge and understanding of how to really build healthy relationships. Our journey took me places I never even knew existed and…

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20 Unexpected Leadership Insights from Zuzu the Dog: Be Healthy

20 years of business is definitely a reason to celebrate! And that’s exactly what we’re doing all through the month of September. How else would we mark the occasion than with some important sentiments from our animal friends, namely my newly adopted dog Zuzu. She’s bringing plenty of energy to the celebration (in fact, more…

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20 Unexpected Leadership Insights from Zuzu the Dog: Have Fun

The celebration continues! It’s been 20 years since I founded PeopleSense Consulting, and I’ve had the honor to receive inspiration from many wonderful people, experiences, and animals since. This month, I’m celebrating by sharing 20 unexpected bits of leadership wisdom I’ve recently gained from my adopted dog Zuzu, a joyful (but sometimes challenging) presence in my life. So welcome to…

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