Happy Clients

Working with Robin through the hiring and orientation process has been extremely insightful.  The ProfileXT assessment helped me to identify and hire a critical team member with confidence.  Robin's evaluation of my own assessment results in comparison to the new hire allowed me to learn how we could most effectively work together to meet our goals and objectives.  It’s been invaluable information!”

- Michelle Veasey, Executive Director,
New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility

Thank you for your investment in sharing your expertise and presenting the subject with personal touches, experiences, and humor.  Showing how best to get along with others can be a touchy subject and yet you pulled it off beautifully, so much so that you succeeded in opening our minds to looking at what each person offers a relationship or team dynamic. It takes all kinds to make the world go around and the same is true for any successful team." 

--Clyda DiNicola-Fernandez, CAP,
IAAP Pfizer Gro/NL Chapter

Robin's analysis of each of us was eerily right on. The actual assessment was brief but it was as if she's been watching us on hidden camera for weeks. What we learned helped us build a stronger team, using our employees' talents more effectively."

-- Tom and Debra Strickland, Founders, Sequoya Technologies Group

Robin has worked closely with us for several years on a number of initiatives -- including hiring, team building, and strategic planning. By using the Profiles' personnel assessments to raise awareness of our entire team's work style and strengths, Robin has helped us to understand how to work more effectively together by focusing on our complementary strengths. The results have been tremendous and valued highly by everyone in our organization. Robin's ongoing insight and dedication has been invaluable for us and a key component to our success."

-- Jim Callihan, co-founder, RenewableEnergyWorld.com

After spending many years utilizing other testing companies, we now use PeopleSense Consulting.  While we could identify the skill sets to teach our sales people, the core of success was behind the identification of key traits.  PeopleSense has been able to help us identify and test for the key traits of successful salespeople in our business and with Robin's ongoing support our revenues grew 30% last year."

-- Thomas A. Barrett, President SIAA MidAmerica, Inc.

I was just singing your praises. Profile Assessments are not only a great interviewing tool, but a truly helpful management tool.  It highlights the best training atmosphere for a new employee to succeed!"

-- Noranne Sharov, CIC, Operations Manager Tri-State Insurance Agency, Inc.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the opportunity to attend the "What Type of Leader are You? seminar that I attended yesterday. We both felt this was the BEST seminar we have ever attended.  Robin is truly unique and the information and interaction with other participants was phenomenal! I am looking forward to taking a closer look at my assessment results and using the information to reach for my goals over the coming year."

-- Joy Lorden, CLO

The biggest benefit is that when you are short-staffed, you only want to focus on the positive of a potential hire. Robin helps you evaluate all sides by careful review of the assessment results."

-- April McBriarty-Weismann, McBriarty Insurance Agency, Inc.

We were having some difficulties in finding the right candidates for jobs here at NHBB. We were looking to find a way to increase the possibility of candidates being a "fit" to our organization. Robin came in and showed us how she could help. We have seen results in just a few months of working with her. Initially, Robin provided all the training we needed and she has been only a phone call away when we need help. She has been very helpful and great to work with. We recommend her services to anyone that cares about the people that make up their organization."

-- Donna Marcin, Human Resource Manager, New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc.

Bringing Robin into our human resources needs has been invaluable. She brought to the table energy, clarity, and most importantly results! Next time I need to review or recruit employee potential, I'll again be working with Robin and PeopleSense Consulting."

-- Doug Pendleton, Owner, Pendleton Printers

I appreciate the more complicated aspects of assessment testing and scoring, what really touched me was the emphasis on the fact that we ALL bring something valuable to the workplace and our differences actually can be our strength."

-- Carol Richards CPS, IAAP Profile Chapter President

We gained some valuable insight in how to deal with co-workers, the why and how to make our relationships stronger and accomplish our goals."

-- Leslie Fish CPS, IAAP Profile Chapter Secretary

I truly enjoyed the training you conducted. I especially found the information from the Profile extremely helpful. Having a better understanding of your fellow workers' personalities makes for a much better work environment and has also given me some tools that I am sure will be invaluable at the office as well as in my personal life. Thank you so much, Robin, for your expertise and patience."

-- Mary Downs, Town & Country REALTORS