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Pathway Planner

It is never too early to start planning.
It is never too late to find the right path.

Are you looking to find the right path? We can help.

The Pathway Planner is an in-depth planning and personal assessment tool to help you discover what career possibilities best suit you. Research shows when you find the right career match, your probability for success and satisfaction increase dramatically.

No matter where you are in your career transition, the Pathway Planner provides you with critical decision-making information to help you shape your future.

  • Provides you with an overview of your unique strengths, talents, and abilities.
  • Identifies career possibilities and provides insight into occupations for the highly-skilled, competitive workforce.
  • Assists adults in transitioning from one career to another.
  • Introduces a mechanism for individuals to learn about their abilities and validate their career choices.

It is never too early to start planning - it is never too late to find the right path.

Most people can expect to make many changes during their working lives. Be a step ahead of everyone else with key knowledge that drives a quality, core education or directs you to transition to a better, happier career path.

The Pathway Planner assessment offers this and more:

  • A review of Thinking Style, Interests, and Behavioral Traits.
  • Provides an awareness of how an individual learns and processes information via words and numbers.
  • Discover your primary areas of interest ranging from creativity, people service, technical, mechanical, financial/administrative, and enterprising that lead to satisfying and rewarding career options.
  • Learn your behavioral traits in an objective, scientifically measured format. Helps individuals select careers that best fit their strengths and interests.
  • A link with O*NET (Occupational Information Network from the US Department of Labor) is provided for additional career matching information.

We can help you navigate through your choices and help you find your own career path.

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Career Transition Packages

The Pathway Planner Assessment is a starting point on a journey to greater self-awareness. It provides a map to guide you in choosing a direction that would provide the greatest possibility for career fulfillment. Combined with career coaching this will act as a compass to keep you on track and guide you toward your ultimate destination: work that is fulfilling in an environment where you are most likely to thrive.

Choose the career package below that provides the level of support you want to move forward on the path to your authentic career.


$250. (Includes the Pathway Planner Assessment with review)

The Pathfinder Package is designed for the person who is just starting to explore a new career path and who wants to quickly get a sense of direction. The Pathway Planner assessment is perfect for anyone who wants objective, scientifically-based information providing career possibilities that fit their unique strengths and preferences. Once completed, a link will be emailed that provides access to a comprehensive report detailing personal and customized information. This assessment includes a 30-minute review of the results with Career Coach Nancy Bishop. This is the ideal solution for those who want a self-directed career search. If additional coaching services are requested the $250 will be applied towards the total agreement of services.


$750. (Includes the Pathway Planner Assessment with Career Coaching)

This is ideal for the person who is ready to move forward and incorporate career coaching, shortening the distance between the current and desired career. The Explorer Package includes the Pathway Planner assessment as described above, plus four 1-hour private career coaching sessions with Career Coach Nancy Bishop. Additional email and phone access for mini check-ins between some sessions is available. All sessions are customized to provide the resources and direction to jump-start the career explorer toward finding their authentic career.


$1250. (Pathway Planner Assessment with Expanded Career Coaching)

This option is tailored for the career seeker who is committed to invest their time and energy to blaze a new trail to reach their goal and who will not be satisfied until they find their authentic career. They know the value of having the right tools along with the expert guidance of a career coach to get results. The Trailblazer Package includes the Pathway Planner assessment and eight 1-hour private career coaching sessions with Career Coach Nancy Bishop. Additional email and phone access for mini check-ins between some sessions is available.

Coaching is customized to provide a holistic approach to your career search. Sessions may include resume review, career search strategies, vision and purpose work, interviewing skills, using intuition and learning how to see signs and symbols.

Personalized coaching provides the following benefits:

  • Guides you through your assessment results, working with you to set goals and design a plan of action
  • Provides support, encouragement, and additional resources to assist you in finding your authentic direction
  • Focuses on your strengths, interests, and motivations to build confidence
  • Navigate through blocks and obstacles that keep you stuck and frustrated
  • Creates manageable next steps to streamline the process
  • Holds you accountable so that you move forward with your career goals

The Pathway Planner and our specialized career coaching provides you with the knowledge that puts you in charge of your career destiny. Find ultimate happiness at work. It really is possible!
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