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Here you will find rich content from previously recorded events by Robin. Each segment is available immediately to you for free — sit back and soak it all in. If you have an animal friend nearby, invite them to listen along, too (not that they want to hear me, they just want to be close to you).

Assessment-Based Coaching

robin renee combined mugThis program is for managers who would benefit from understanding how others in the organization perceive their competencies. It's an approach that combines the power of assessment feedback from direct reports, peers, managers, and interested stakeholders, and uses that feedback as the framework for targeted coaching in ways that can dramatically improve relationships and knowledge in ways that open up previously unseen potential. Robin has partnered with Renee Charney of Charney Coaching & Consulting LLC because of Renee's impressive coaching experience.

From this session, you will discover:

  • The power of using consistent 360 assessments for your employees
  • The value of providing coaching as a key component of growing leaders within your organization
  • The advantages and drawbacks of each
  • How to combine the effectiveness of both approaches into a sustainable, HR-driven leadership development plan

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HR Roundtable Discussion

Robin was an invited panelist at the 2012 Solar Power International (SPI) conference discussing hiring best practices for the solar industry with other Human Resource managers. The ideas expressed by everyone applies to all industries. Great questions asked by attendees at the end of the session yield valuable answers for job seekers.


Hiring Q&A: Finding a Candidate Who Will Go the Distance

A recorded session where Robin shares some tips for the hiring process and attendees ask her questions about whether to hire someone overqualified into an entry level position or how to retain your best employees.