Webinar Invite: Build Your Sales Team with Clarity

Sales Success

What does it take to build a successful sales team? And how do you help your people unleash their full talents, their creativity? The truth is you won’t be able to until you help them gain inner clarity about their personal sales style and the goals they want to reach for. Having clarity is what…

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The Truth about Why Teaming Up Isn’t Always Natural or Easy

Teaming Up with The Five Behaviors

Want to know what makes companies 5 times as likely to be high performing? Collaboration. According to studies, collaborative work is a core trait of successful, modern workplaces. It’s essential for the best outcomes because when we pool our ideas, challenges, and solutions with others, we enrich the end result. Collaborative work environments have also…

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Awards Might Motivate But There Is a Better Way

PeopleSense Consulting - Everything DiSC Sapphire Award

Looking for ways to motivate your team? You’re not alone! This is one of the most frequently asked questions from managers. I wish there were an easy answer. Wouldn’t it be great if a particular prize would guarantee performance? Or just a little more money would create renewed energy towards excellence? Or perhaps a trip…

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Employee Engagement — Starts with YOU!

In this month’s Power Hour, the PeopleSense team discusses key findings about Employee Engagement. Team Guru Sheryl Chatham reviews the financial impact and the distractions caused by disengaged employees. Learn three specific ways you can change the level of engagement within your teams. And you might be surprised, it starts with YOU! Our lively conversation…

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The best first step to improve employee engagement

Is someone on your team (or even you) struggling in their job? It’s usually pretty obvious to everyone else, including the person involved, when there’s a problem with employee engagement. No one likes being in this situation–most especially the person–but inertia is hard to overcome. Daily routines become habits, such as one person compensating for…

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