Managing Response Time for Email Communications


Managers receive a lot of email as part of their normal work responsibilities. In this video, I’m going to specifically focus on appropriate response time for email because managers often forget that is an indicator of our overall effectiveness.

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Working with a Critical Manager

If you have a manager (or perhaps you are one!) that is always finding fault with the work of others, you’ll want to watch this video. Robin offers tips to identify reasons for this common scenario as well as tips for how to work more effectively.

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Working With Someone Who Has Poor Social Skills

As a manager, your responsibility is to achieve results through the efforts and productivity of others. Assembling a team that has all the capabilities and skills in their work is a top priority. But what if you have someone on your team that is capable but has poor social skills and is not interacting well…

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Too Much Drama in Your Workplace? Here’s What You Can Do!

Whether you are struggling with the level of drama in your workplace, or unknowingly perpetuating it, there are immediate steps you can take to reduce and probably eliminate this toxic habit that is draining the productivity and morale from your staff. Robin shares ideas to help you address all stages of the drama equation in…

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Working with a Disruptive Employee

Working along a disruptive employee leads to bad morale for everyone. It drains the energy and patience out of co-workers and even the most tolerant of managers. In this video, Robin discusses ways to work through a situation where an employee is always upsetting the apple cart as well as emphasizing the importance of dealing…

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Take Stock of Your Achievements

It’s December and the end of the calendar year, so it’s a natural time to reflect on the past 12 months and think about all the things that occurred. Far too often we get stuck in thinking about what we didn’t accomplish, which leads to disappointment or frustration. In the video, I’m going to share…

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Make Feedback Your Friend!

Managers who make a habit of soliciting formal feedback can learn valuable information, helping them work with employees more successfully and preventing problems before they happen on projects. Learn the many benefits to receiving formal feedback and the advantages over informal feedback.

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Promotions That Don’t Backfire

Promoting employees from within your organization is the perfect way to fill roles. It has a ton of benefits but it also has the potential to backfire. In this video, you get tips for effectively promoting employees within your organization.

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What to Do When You Don’t Know What To Do!

Managers tend to avoid, delay, or even plow through a situation when they are unprepared. Learn four simple steps to help you move through a new challenge with integrity and purpose.

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Here’s a sneak peek about making management decisions when you’re feeling stuck:

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