Managing Response Time for Email Communications


Managers receive a lot of email as part of their normal work responsibilities. In this video, I’m going to specifically focus on appropriate response time for email because managers often forget that is an indicator of our overall effectiveness.

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Working with a Critical Manager

If you have a manager (or perhaps you are one!) that is always finding fault with the work of others, you’ll want to watch this video. Robin offers tips to identify reasons for this common scenario as well as tips for how to work more effectively.

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Take Stock of Your Achievements

It’s December and the end of the calendar year, so it’s a natural time to reflect on the past 12 months and think about all the things that occurred. Far too often we get stuck in thinking about what we didn’t accomplish, which leads to disappointment or frustration. In the video, I’m going to share…

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What to Do When You Don’t Know What To Do!

Managers tend to avoid, delay, or even plow through a situation when they are unprepared. Learn four simple steps to help you move through a new challenge with integrity and purpose.

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Here’s a sneak peek about making management decisions when you’re feeling stuck:

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