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Why curiosity can look like mutiny

When an employee is constantly curious and challenging, it might seem like you have mutiny on your hands. You, as the manager, just want the person to move on with the task at hand — the way you intended it to be done. Instead, you are left dealing with endless questions, ongoing suggestions for alternative plans,…

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Get off your pedestal! Are you open to receiving feedback?

Most managers say that are open to feedback. And sometimes that’s true. But you know as well as I do, managers are often negligent in soliciting feedback, or they do things that indicate they aren’t open to it even if they say they are. Even managers with honorable intentions can mess this up.  I believe managers understand…

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FREE Webinar: Grow Your Own Leaders: Using Assessment-Based Coaching for Sustainable Leadership Development

Robin Eichert has partnered with Renee Charney of Charney Coaching & Consulting LLC to offer a new approach to coaching called “Assessment-Based Coaching.” Learn more and join us for this FREE informative webinar to learn how Assessment-Based Coaching can support the leadership development needs in your organization. The webinar will be held on April 3, 2014,…

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