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Will your employee problems ever end?

Ever feel like the issues you face with employees are endless? no credit check online loans Just when you’ve made progress resolving an issue — and bam! — there it is again! Or maybe the problem has never gone away in the first place. Should your work as a manager require constant, ongoing, never-ending baby-sitting?…

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Why a dog matters to your leadership style

I’m in the midst of redesigning my website. One of the primary goals is to integrate this blog so it has the same look and feel as the website. Which means I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how to articulate why this dog-inspired blog should beintegrated to my consulting practice. One might wonder…

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Two things to do when someone is ignoring you

There are times when I feel that Grace is ignoring me. (And I’m sure she does on occasion.) But mostly I think she just doesn’t always understand what I’m saying. What often looks to me as if she’s ignoring me is very likely a result of her not knowing what I’m saying. When she’s afraid…

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Transitions can generate excitement or stress

direct online installment loan lenders The transition of seasons is a fitting metaphor for the changes in our lives and within each of us. The yellow, orange and curry colors of the leaves looked bland yesterday, yet now are a bold contrast against the dusting of snow that fell last night. Fall is not over,…

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Move outside your comfort zone — at your own pace

“I’ve always believed that the pure of heart can go unharmed where others fear to tread.” That is a quote from a fellow blogger, Sara. She had written it months ago and at the time, I retyped it and taped it next to my monitor so I could read it often and be reminded of…

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Pestered into action

Have you ever been pestered enough that you do something that you wouldn’t ordinarily do? That just happened to me. For the last 30 minutes while trying to work, Grace has been whining and pawing at my chair. It’s almost an hour before her normal dinner time. And sometimes she does get antsy when it…

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Didn’t I already tell you that?

  Does the following statement sound familiar: “I have specifically told him not to do that, but yet he still does it. It drives me crazy.” Or this one: “I know we’ve talked about that. And she said she understood. Yet just this morning, I witnessed her doing the same thing without making the changes…

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A cowlick tells a more important story

Who knew that a cowlick had so much to say? I sure didn’t! But it was first thing that shouted out to the chiropractor when she looked at Grace last week. In fact, I had sent her a couple of pictures the day prior to our visit, and she said she immediately noticed it there,…

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The power of liking lichen

As the end of this week rolls around, it strikes me that I’ve had numerous conversations that focus on career choices. While at the grocery store late one afternoon, I ran into an old friend who told me her current work isn’t that rewarding and she is starting a process to figure out what she…

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