You will find the real gifts of the season here!

Happy Holidays!

‘Tis the season to be jolly and thankful for all we have. That includes our homes, our health, our family and friends. During this holiday season, there is something else very important to recognize and appreciate, something that we sometimes forget or don’t acknowledge. Grace helps me remember and I hope hearing her story will help you, too.

When Grace came to live with me, nearly 14 years ago, it was challenging for me to understand her. When she was fearful around others, I wanted her to be friendly and trusting. When she pulled back from those who wanted to say hello, I wanted her to accept their affection. She persisted with signs and signals that communicated HER needs and I grew to appreciate and learn from those. Expecting her to behave in the manner I wanted, even for her own best interests, wasn’t productive.  It didn't respect her or her needs nor did it allow her to shine with who she really was.

This holiday, take time to recognize your own needs and stand up for them like Grace did. And be aware of how you can honor the needs of others even if, and especially when, they may differ from your own approach.

Sometimes the best gifts we receive aren’t wrapped and placed under the tree. They are found within each of us as long as we can see them. Grace and I send you warmest holiday greetings as you look inside yourself and within those around you to realize the best treasures, this season and all year long!