Debunking the Pigeonhole Myth about Assessments

A common misconception about assessments is that they pigeonhole people into categories, limiting a person’s ability to achieve anything outside that expectation. Learn why that is not the case.

Assessment Tools Add Value in the Workplace

There are so many ways an assessment tool can add value in the workplace. Those of you who know me know I love assessments. I could talk about them for a very long time, but I only want to spend a couple of minutes talking about very common misconception that I hear about assessments. Once we have a better understanding of this misconception I think it will help provide a new perspective so that you can use the assessments effectively in your workplace.

Myth: Assessments Pigeonhole Someone into a Category

One of the comments I often hear about assessment tools is that they tend to pigeonhole somebody into a category. The concern is that if there’s some data that makes a statement or an impression about somebody that it might limit their ability to do something outside of that realm. That’s just not possible for an assessment tool, to limit or to pigeonhole. It’s what we do with that information that matters.

Assessment information is designed to improve and enhance our understanding of each other, not restricted it. So, in fact, if pigeon-holing is happening it’s a result of a judgment made outside of the information that is presented. The ability that we have to move outside of her home comfort zone is much more likely when we’re in an environment that is supportive and knowledgeable about whom we really are. That’s why I love assessments! It helps raise everybody’s’ awareness and understanding of each other so that we can be our best. So, don’t believe it when you hear that an assessment tool pigeon holes someone. They don’t!

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