Dog-Inspired Leadership Posts

Dog’s birthday party provides opportunity to celebrate in creative way

How can a dog help non-profits? Why, with a birthday party, of course! In October, I’m hosting a birthday party for my dog, Grace. The gathering has a twist, which is to help non-profits gain exposure to new audiences, receive new donations, and have the opportunity to win a facilitated leadership workshop. This month-long virtual event is designed…

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Do You Stand Out from the Crowd or Are You Lost in Your Environment?

Work days are often so hectic that we can get lost in the “sameness” of everything and everyone. Even things and people that we like and enjoy become routine. Behaviors are expected and even good ones get lost in the predictability of patterns we have come to rely on. Then when someone does something to…

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What to do when it’s all bark and no bite

Ever had an employee who raised her hackles all the time? It’s tempting to coddle that person, in an attempt to avoid the unsavory hostility, but that just leads to more headaches and no resolution. Yesterday I took our two cats to the vet for their annual visit. Grace came along to get her nails clipped,…

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Guarding the Dog Days of Summer: Watch out for employees who help too much

One of the jobs that Grace takes seriously is her desire to guard. She feels an obligation to guard the house, the yard, her marrow bones treats (from the cats), and of course, she guards me. Her piercingly sharp bark alerts us to anything moving outside, especially children or anyone on a bike.  She often bellows until the offender…

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April Fool’s Day can be everyday in the workplace, if you do it right

Today is April Fool’s Day, a time for pranksters to have some fun and have an excuse to justify it. These impromptu games might be acceptable today, but they are characteristic of the same kind of irritants that managers unknowingly create for employees on any given workday. Some employees feel invigorated by spontaneous announcements, but…

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Icing your concerns can be a good stress management method

When faced with a big problem, we can do one of two things: plunge ahead to fix it or ignore it. Many times, it’s the right thing to immediately jump in and take care of an issue, most especially when our safety and security are at risk. But it’s rare that any situation will benefit from ignoring…

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Take a Break to Rejuvenate

This week, like many, has been hectic. It feels like I never have enough time to do the things I intended to do. Responsibilities from many important facets tug at precious moments of the day. I feel certain that you can relate. Yet I try hard to make time for things I enjoy, like walking Grace, my weekly yoga…

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A month of Dog-Inspired Leadership Tips from Grace — starting now!

The best leadership lessons are often simple ones.  When we aspire to be an effective, and perhaps even beloved leader, there are lots of ways we can grow and develop. We can attend intensive classes, participate in specialized training sessions, and immerse ourselves in books and literature to inform us of best practices. All of these…

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