20 Unexpected Leadership Insights from Zuzu the Dog: Be Healthy

20 years of business is definitely a reason to celebrate! And that’s exactly what we’re doing all through the month of September. How else would we mark the occasion than with some important sentiments from our animal friends, namely my newly adopted dog Zuzu.

She’s bringing plenty of energy to the celebration (in fact, more than enough). But she’s also bringing some surprising insights that she’s been kind enough to share with me over the last nine months as we build our relationship.

I think it’s safe to say we’re all navigating new territory right now, whether it’s a new pup, new hire, new career move, or even a new locale. So here are 5 more ways to embrace it. For Part 3 of the Zuzu series, our theme is… Be Healthy!

Walk often - zuzu

1. Walk often. I love to walk, but Zuzu takes it to a new level for me. Just when I think I’ve walked enough for the day, she gets me out yet one more time. Fresh air, sunshine, and movement are equally soothing and energizing to both of us.

Though I can be quick to resist (with excuses of not enough time or too much to do), I always feel better after a pleasant walk. It’s simply one of the easiest and available forms of exercise that anyone can do. So walk on!

fresh food raspberries picked from our yard - yum2. Enjoy fresh foods. We offer fresh veggies to Zuzu, but this girl seeks them out all the time. On walks, she has found (and loved) raspberries and blackberries, and she comes running from the other room when she hears one of us cutting an apple or scraping a carrot.

Her love of all good things from Mother Nature is a good reminder that simple, whole foods are much better tasting and healthier than processed alternatives. Here’s to eating well and being well!

sleep deeply - zuzu3. Sleep deeply. Zuzu crashes after dinner, moving to the natural rhythms of the day. Her full attention and focus of energy during the day provide the perfect conditions for a deep and fulfilling sleep.

Countless studies have proven the importance of sleep, proof of Zuzu’s insistence on catching plenty of Zzzzzs. We would all do well to listen to our bodies when the day is done and hop on that sleep train. All aboard!

exercise doing things you enjoy - zuzu4. Make exercise enjoyable. Zuzu is all about movement and she is very creative in her approach. She loves her walks, but when we can find a fenced area, she runs circles around any other dog or person with her.

When she’s in limited space, she runs in circles or finds a toy to shake. She’s even been known to join me on my yoga mat (though in truth, that’s a bit too slow for her). Whatever way you can find to exercise, do something that makes you happy.

keep mind and body active (1)5. Keep your mind and body active. Part of Zuzu’s charm is her priority on being active. As I age, my joints tell me when I’ve been sitting too long. But having Zuzu as part of the family means I don’t often linger in one spot anyway.

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