Do something you haven’t done before!

This didn't even look like a spot to lie in so I assumed she was trying to dig a hole. But no, she just thought it looked cozy! We should all be looking at the same things differently!

I would have never envisioned that Grace would have found this spot attractive because in the past, she’s landed on the mulch, not right on top of the tall grass!  She saw it for what it was — a plush, cozy spot to snuggle in. Grace opened her options by having a different perspective, and doing something that she had never done before. That’s a lesson we should all embrace. 

Have you ever been surprised by something that an employee (or manager) has done in your workplace — and then been thankful for the outcome because it was something you would never have thought of yourself?

This past weekend, Grace was nearby as I spread new mulch in our flower gardens. Because she’s an anxious and nervous dog, she doesn’t stay in any one spot for too long, so it’s not uncommon for her to be moving around a lot.

But I was curious when she starting pawing around in the tall, ornamental grass. The stuff was thick and there was not one logical spot that I could see where she could fit. Was she trying to dig a hole (not something she does casually without being on a hunting-related mission)? Was she trying to find something I couldn’t see? As my mind was still pulling up questions trying to figure this out, she plopped down happily on top of the grass!

So that’s new. I haven’t seen her do that before.

And then instead of questions, my mind went to answers: “Well, why not lay on top of a patch of tall, thick, soft grass?” That was actually kinda smart, I thought. It’s like an overgrown lawn patch, made just for her!

Grace was thinking much more creatively than I was that day. I was stuck in my preconceived notions of where she would be comfortable, in places where I’ve seen her before. But she went outside those boundaries and found a new, even better, spot.

Have you been witness to this kind of behavior in your workplace? Perhaps you’ve seen someone taking an initiative when another person in the same situation is ‘blind’ to the possibilities?

We can all get caught up in doing things the way we’ve always done them. In some ways, it seems efficient, because we know the routine and it’s comfortable. But we may be missing out on something wonderful, and it might even be right in front of our very eyes all the time!

The first step in getting past these normal and understandable “blocks” is to recognize it. If we don’t know we’re stuck, then we certainly can’t move to a different place. Here are a few of my suggestions to help raise your awareness and move into action:

  • Listen to others who suggest another approach. They may be telling you that your process is outdated or inefficient, or just isn’t working any more!
  • If a task feels too complex, awkward, or confusing, it probably is! Start to think about ways to simplify.
  • Don’t get stuck on staid thoughts like “we have to do it this way” or “what would Sue say if we got rid of that?” Getting too comfortable with things creates a false sense of absolutes.  Those phrases can also be a signal that you’re using excuses to prevent you from moving towards something better.
  • Make a commitment to do at least one new thing every day. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering or time-consuming. Maybe it’s trying a new food or learning a new vocabulary word. Creating patterns of change will help you be open to other ideas that naturally cross your path.
  • Take any feelings of fear (of the unknown) that you have and think of them as an opportunity to learn and develop. Refocus your nervous energy into excitement about what’s to come and what you can achieve!

Sometimes we need to stay in a tried-and-true state — and it’s ok to do so for a while.  But it’s most often the case that if we haven’t evaluated our most consistent ‘things’ (whether it be processes, skills, daily habits, or relationships), we are missing opportunities for improvement. 

What examples can you think of where you got outside your normal thinking and life improved? What patch of plush, green grass will you find for yourself today? 

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  1. Leslie Fish on May 16, 2014 at 8:45 am

    Today’s blog came at a most opportune time! My beloved organization, IAAP, announced some very sweeping changes in our organizational structure and bylaws. I had become so comfortable with the way things were, that I’d been having a very hard time seeing how this future could work for me. But you and Grace are correct; we need to embrace the new and challenging. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Robin on May 16, 2014 at 8:51 am

      What a great attitude, Leslie. The IAAP leadership must have had some compelling reasons for the changes, so hopefully that transcends to your needs as well. I know you will do all you can to blend the two. Good luck to you and thanks for leaving your thoughts here. It’s so helpful to know that others are facing this, too.

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