Eichert featured in Monadnock Small Business Journal

Well known in the Monadnock Region for her dedication to her community and the welfare of animals, Robin Eichert was featured in the Jan/Feb/March 2016 issue of the Monadnock Small Business Journal in an article entitled “Volunteering: Good for the Community, Good for Business.”Small-Business-Journal_Cover-Photo A regular volunteer at the Monadnock Humane Society, Eichert and her small, fuzzy friends made the cover of the quarterly journal, reminding others of the benefits of donating your time.

Eichert explained how her professional life is inspired by the time she spends volunteering.

“My role as a professional is to advise businesses on people-related situations and volunteering provides valuable opportunities for me to observe situations and discover how people handle them.”

Inspired to help your community, your business, and yourself through volunteering? Eichert shared a few words of wisdom regarding finding the volunteer organization that is right for you.Small-Business-Journal_Article-Photo

“When I’m deciding where to volunteer I take into account my personal interest or belief in the mission. That’s my top criteria. The second criterion is how good a fit it is with my skills and what I want to learn. It’s an important way to show the community you care about them.”

For more information about how volunteering can benefit your business and for more advice on how to get involved, click here and read the full article online (pages 20-22).


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