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Getting to Know Our Team—Jeniffer Callihan

As PeopleSense Consulting continues to grow, we thought it would be great for our community to get to know each of our team members. If you’ve had the opportunity to get on a call or join a workshop with Jeni Callihan, you’ve likely experienced her grounding presence and ability to help people stretch outside their comfort zones. In addition to being a highly skilled facilitator, yoga instructor, and entrepreneur, she is also just a truly wonderful human being, and we hope this mini-interview tells you a bit more about her.


RE: What is your favorite food?

Jeni Callihan of PeopleSense Consulting

JC: I’m definitely a foodie. Aside from many favorite foods, I totally enjoy my morning beverage and my afternoon cocktail/glass of wine. I picture it like bookends to the day and I so look forward to the ritual on either side.


RE: What is your fondest work memory?

JC: One of my first grown-up jobs was at the volunteer center of San Francisco. I can distinctly remember (I was in my early 20s) walking through the financial district from the train every morning. I absolutely loved the feeling of being downtown, of the tall buildings, of people rushing to work, etc. There was something about it that just felt professional, purposeful, important and I loved that.


RE: What do you like most about the work we do?

JC: I absolutely love the work that we do. I love that our tools provide real, actionable ways to understand more about yourself and improve in areas that present challenges. What more could we ask for really?! The other thing that I love is that there’s really no end to the possibilities. Improving on ourselves and becoming the best version of ourselves every day is an awesome life’s work and the tools that we use have helped me immensely.


Jeniffer CallihanRE: What advice would you give to a new manager?

JC: My advice to a new manager would be to turn your attention inward first and foremost. Learn more about yourself, understand what makes you tick, and from there start to work with other people to help them understand the same thing about themselves. The other advice is just to use the tools and keep using them. They’re awesome. It’s worth the investment of time and money and it makes everything that we do that much more satisfying.


Hope you enjoyed learning about some of Jeni’s favorite foods and fondest memories. Put a face with the name by checking out our recent video chat here. Or click here to send Jeni an email and say hello.

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