Join us on March 21, 2013 from 8:00 a.m. to noon!

Interested to know more about your leadership style? Join like-minded professionals for a morning of self-exploration and find out what type of leader you are!

Pssst …. here’s a secret ….
You don’t need to change your leadership style to be more effective. You just have to know what it is and how to adjust to others at the right time. Learn how at this fun and informative workshop!

  • Do you really know what your strengths are?
  • Do you know how others perceive you?
  • Are you working well with others in your organization?
  • Are your employees working to their full potential?
  • Do you know what your role is in ensuring their success?
  • Is your workforce engaged?

You will get the answers to these questions and learn much more. If you want to be a more effective leader, take control now and sign up for a morning of self-exploration and discovery that will positively impact your leadership effectiveness.

We’ll be meeting in the historic property in Peterborough, NH. Come join us at Peteridge on the Pond.

This workshop is being held in Peterborough, New Hampshire — a lovely New England town with lots of activities to satisfy a wide variety of interests. Or if you prefer warmer climates, we can schedule this workshop in your area, too!

What are you waiting on? I guarantee that you will learn lots about yourself and have fun, too.

More information and registration can be found here!

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