Do you know where you’ll be going in 2017?

Nature always provides examples that inform and inspire. Look at the amazing strength and resolve needed for the plant to force its way up through the sliver of space in the crack of this rock.

This is a simple rock my husband and I stumbled upon during one of our walks and I was immediately drawn to the plant growth in a most unlikely spot. Nature always provides examples that inform and inspire. Look at the amazing strength and resolve needed for the plant to force its way up through the sliver of space in the crack of this rock. Things that seem impossible can really happen when you strengthen your physical and mental capacities.

As 2017 looms just ahead, it’s the perfect time to undertake some planning activities. As Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” Do you know where you’ll be going next year?

In late January of this year, I wrote of my new year’s aspirations for 2016. I was a bit late in doing so, with 1/12 of the year already in the books when I figured out my plan. So this year, I’m feeling a bit giddy at working this out before mid-December!

Before I get too smug, I should mention that there are a boatload of other items that remained unfinished on my to-do list, such as final Christmas shopping, holiday cards, and even decorating the tree (something I always do the weekend following Thanksgiving). Somehow, it still feels right to think ahead even though I have things to do now.

My planning process isn’t onerous and it helps me stay focused on the important things all during the year. Instead of making any new year’s resolutions, I pick #oneword that synthesizes my ideas clearly and simply. This idea appeals to me for several reasons, including forcing me to prioritize and get real on what I want to do. I wrote about this in 2015. In that year, my #oneword was ‘create,’ and it helped me launch the Learning Resource Center (LRC). In 2016, my #oneword was ‘produce,’ which propelled me to crank out lots of new videos and content for the LRC. I don’t think about my #oneword on a daily basis (but I probably could), yet it does help direct me during those periods of time when I can get lost in the weeds and need to be reminded of my goals.

Strengthen is my #oneword for 2017. There are two specific things driving this interest of mine, but the list is virtually endless. I can’t imagine anything that wouldn’t benefit from becoming stronger.

First, I want to strengthen the Learning Resource Center. After creating and producing so much content, it’s time for expanded membership and deepening of the engagement. I will need your help, as I value your input on what is working and what would make the library stronger for you!

Second, I want to strengthen myself. Improvements to other aspects of my life aren’t going to happen without looking inside first. This is both exciting and intimidating. It’s easy to say I want to do this, but it will take commitment and resolve to actually take action and move outside of my comfort zone. Putting it here is one way to hold myself accountable.

I’m ready. I’m eager to strengthen whatever I can next year. Your participation here makes me stronger as I always learn and grow with support of those who are also striving for excellence in their workplaces. Thank you, I am grateful every day for you.

Are you ready? Tell me what your #oneword is! I’d love to help support you, too.

Remember Yogi Berra’s words and don’t leave 2017 to chance. Make a plan so you know where you’re going and you’ll have a much better chance of getting there. 

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  1. judyringer on December 9, 2016 at 12:08 pm

    Happy Holidays, Robin. I’m grateful for your presence in my life. Thanks for your wonderful posts!

    • Robin on December 9, 2016 at 12:24 pm

      And the very same to you, Judy. I always look forward to reading your wisdom at Ki Moments!

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