PeopleSense is a Sustainability Slam Finalist!

I am delighted to announce that PeopleSense Consulting has been named a finalist at the New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility Sustainability Slam, being held on November 1! Excited to be recognized for my annual Graceful Giving celebration, which offers pro bono team development to one of the amazing non-profits that serves our communities.

I’m in great company with the many other inspirational companies in New Hampshire selected. The Slam recognizes the sometimes unnoticed, but significant efforts of local companies and nonprofits to make a positive difference in our world. PeopleSense is in the small business category for workplace.

The annual Sustainability Slam creates a platform where the most creative and innovative solutions to our environmental and social challenges are brought to life in dynamic 90-second story sound bites.

The final line up of 2018’s Slam presenters have been chosen by an independent panel of judges based on the impact and scalability of their stories in our communities, workplaces, and environment. At the Slam, finalists compete with another company or organization in their category for a winning spot and the designation of “Best of the Best.”

You can click this link to read the full press release: JOT 2018 Finalists

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