Getting Inspired with Graceful Giving!

Graceful Giving 2021

Inspiration can come in very unlikely packages. Take for instance, my adopted dog, Grace, who influenced me in countless ways over the years. My time with her nudged me in directions that expanded my knowledge and understanding of how to really build healthy relationships. Our journey took me places I never even knew existed and…

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Giving Thanks & Graceful Giving

Graceful Giving 2020 Announcement

November brings with it one of my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving. It’s more than just delicious food and time to spend with people you care about (both very important!). It’s also a time to show gratitude. It feels especially important now to take time to recognize all the good in our lives. And I’d suggest that…

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Even strong teams are impacted when new players are introduced

When a strong team has a change in players, it is tempting to underestimate the impact of that transition. With a solid foundation in place, things could only improve. Right? But it doesn’t work that way. When even just one new person joins a team, dynamics change. Roles may shift, decision-processes may morph, and alliances…

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Graceful Giving — and Receiving

conflict resolution

Conflict brings to mind so many emotions, most of them negative. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Changing the way you look at conflict will change the outcome, which was a point captured by an astute group I recently had the pleasure of working with.  In a workshop this past weekend with The…

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Graceful Giving winners announced for 2018

Graceful-giving-Winner Dog Birthday

I’m so pleased to announce the winners of my annual Graceful Giving celebration! And not just one winner – but TWO special New Hampshire non-profit organizations who have earned the opportunity to participate in a day-long team building program called “Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.” There were numerous applicants from impressive non-profits and I…

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PeopleSense is a Sustainability Slam Finalist!


I am delighted to announce that PeopleSense Consulting has been named a finalist at the New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility Sustainability Slam, being held on November 1! I’m in great company with the many other inspirational companies in New Hampshire selected. The Slam recognizes the sometimes unnoticed, but significant efforts of local companies and nonprofits to…

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Keep the giving going!

This is the place where everyone can get involved in this month’s Graceful Giving celebration! Keep the giving going! Leave a comment, picture, or video below that recognizes an act of giving you’ve witnessed during the month of October. When you share, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a $50 donation to the non-profit of…

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Graceful Giving offers opportunity to inspire and be inspired

Inspiration can come in very unlikely packages. My dog, Grace, has influenced me in countless ways over the years. She has persistently nudged me in directions that expand my knowledge and understanding of how to interact and care for her. This journey has taken me places I never even knew existed and it has benefited us…

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