Getting to Know Our Team—We Can’t Forget Robin!

Founder Robin Eichert

Time to hear from our fearless leader! Over the last few weeks, founder Robin Eichert had the chance to interview the amazing members of the PeopleSense team. But this week, they wanted to turn the tables and ask her some questions! Jeni, Sheryl, and Heather each came up with two questions of their own for…

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Bad Communication = Toxic Workplace Culture

Cracking Ice like Toxic Workplace Culture

If you’ve got “bad” communication going on in your organization, it’s not just going to blow over. In fact, communication is one of the keys to a consistently healthy culture. When you replace it with trademarks like harshness, one-sidedness, or even intimidation, the result is a toxic workplace culture. In that kind of environment, it’s…

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Employee engagement ideas that work

Dog-Inspired Lesson Employee Engagement Ideas

Employee engagement matters. And according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace, only 15 percent of employees are engaged in the workplace. If someone is disinterested, lacking skills, or feeling bad about the work environment, how would you expect their performance to be? Of course, it will suffer. That’s why it’s critical that you find…

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What doctors, managers, and employees can learn from veterinarians

“Let’s insist on getting medical care as good as our dogs get!” That was a statement made in the most recent post from the Patient Safety Blog, a forum dedicated to keeping us all safe from medical errors in our healthcare system. (I highly recommend this wonderful blog if you’re interested in learning more about…

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Get the right people together and good things happen

In the ten years since starting my business, I did something last Friday that I have never done before. I invited a variety of clients to come together and talk with each other about their experiences using the Profiles assessment tools. The way I looked at it, those people “in the trenches,” doing the work,…

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Clear communication becomes dog’s play

It’s really fun to watch two animals play together. They seem to have a rhythm, knowing what to do and when to do it. If one does something the other doesn’t like, it’s communicated clearly, in a way that expresses their desire, without judgment. No grudges held or lingering resentment, no baggage left to deal…

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There’s a whole lot of ignoring going on in the workplace

Have you ever been ignored by your manager? Most every afternoon, Grace lets me know if I’ve been ignoring her. The first sign is the “walk-by,” meant to get my attention, and at this point, she’s actually quite diplomatic. She doesn’t whine or tap my leg. She just makes sure we have eye contact. Then…

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The best way to leave a lasting (favorable) impression

You may recall in my last post, I mentioned that I was having trouble figuring out how to access my pictures from my iPad while traveling. A few hours after I published that, I got a message from the company that manages my IT “stuff.” Deb and Tom took note that I was stuck and…

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