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Getting to Know Our Team—We Can’t Forget Robin!

Time to hear from our fearless leader! Over the last few weeks, founder Robin Eichert had the chance to interview the amazing members of the PeopleSense team. But this week, they wanted to turn the tables and ask her some questions!

Jeni, Sheryl, and Heather each came up with two questions of their own for Robin—one work related and one personal. Without realizing, every single team member tied back to PeopleSense Consulting’s recent 20-year anniversary, a significant milestone for sure. We hope these insider snippets help you get to know the team leader who brought everyone together.


Jeni: After working independently for most of the last 20 years, how is it to have your own team?

Robin EichertRE: It’s so fun that I wonder why I waited this long! It reminds me of when I was a manager and how much I loved helping my team be their best. When you surround yourself with exceptional people, it’s just so incredibly rewarding to be a part of a shared experience. I’m also the type of person who works harder for someone else than for myself, so having a team has introduced more structure, which I need and value.


Jeni: What do you value most about your own DiSC style and what is the most challenging aspect of your style?

RE: My ‘Si” DiSC style is one of collaboration, accommodation, and enthusiasm, so I can be a stabilizing and encouraging contributor, which I enjoy. But like any style, those strengths can introduce issues, and my life challenge is to make sure I hold firm to what I want rather than bend to the wishes of others.


Sheryl: You started your practice more than 20 years ago – that’s a long time! What behaviors, business approaches, differentiators, do you attribute/owe your success?  

RE: The main reason for my longevity and success is my love for the Wiley assessment tools and appreciation for how they can help managers and employees. I immediately saw the application and my experiences with clients have proven that true. I had never dreamed of having my own business; it just worked out that way. Another attribute would be persistence. There are lots of aspects of being on your own that were incredibly challenging for me, (like cold calling as a main way to generate business in the wake of 9/11), but I always knew this was right for me. I encourage anyone reading this to pursue your passion as a career even if you don’t think it’s practical or attainable; you will be rewarded in ways that you can’t imagine.


Sheryl: You seem to be a peaceful person, very at home with who you are. If you will, share with us how you’ve accomplished that.

RE: That feels like such a compliment because I certainly don’t always feel sure of myself. However, I do feel grounded – and I’ve learned skills to re-ground myself when something (or someone) pulls me off-center. Part of that comes from a lot of work I’ve done to figure out close relationships that were difficult, whether it be with family, dogs, or friends. That pursuit of understanding always landed in the same realization: I’m the one who has control and choices, and it is up to me to manage how I react, not blame the other person for how I feel. I think the peacefulness you see is me letting go of anger or frustrations about what others may be doing because I know that is not within my control.


Heather: It’s so exciting that you are celebrating twenty years since starting PeopleSense!  Tell us about a couple of your most pivotal PeopleSense moments.

RE: While it may be hard to imagine, I have to say that my dog, Grace, offered one of the most profound professional lessons for me. When I took her to a behavioral vet to help address her “issues,” I quickly realized that the “issue” wasn’t her – but ME! Here I was, about four years into my practice, and I was doing exactly what I had been trying to help others avoid in the workplace – expecting the other person (or in my case, my dog) to change rather than taking responsibility for how I was impacting our relationship. Once I started to change the way I was communicating with her, her behaviors made significant improvements. Even beyond her passing in 2019, Grace remains a constant source of inspiration for me to be my best.

Perhaps another pivotal moment is the recognition that I’ve been able to do what I love for so long. I often give thanks and appreciation for that privilege and it’s not something I take lightly.


Heather: If you had a free Saturday, with no personal or professional responsibilities, what would your ideal day look like?

Perez Lake 2019 Robin and Pete EichertRE: I love a day that doesn’t have a lot of structure, so already this is sounding great! I would start the day slow and easy, enjoying my coffee (with frothed light cream) on the deck. Then I’d go for a long walk in the woods with my husband Pete and dog, Zuzu. Being outdoors, especially in a peaceful, scenic place is very calming and rejuvenating for me. The more time I can spend outside, the better. Even though cooking is not something I yearn to do, I very much enjoy it when Pete and I try out a new recipe and work together in the kitchen for a delicious meal. Depending on my mood, the ideal day would be rounded out with some quilting or rug making, taking a nap, then ending curled up next to Pete watching a movie.


We hope you enjoyed hearing about the history behind PeopleSense and how it unexpectedly turned into the talented team it is today. Want to say hello to Robin or ask a question? You can email her here

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  1. Lee Stanton Sawyer on June 3, 2022 at 4:03 pm

    Jeni, Sheryl, and Heather,

    “We can’t forget Robin”. What a statement!! ANYONE who has ever met Robin will remember her always. With her soft slightly southern accent, mild manner, and love of people and all things 4-footed – she is the shining example of a “Southern Lady”. Having known her forever (almost) I can vouch for her love of people, business, and process. Glad you all are now the recipient of her good naturedness!!
    Keep the great vibes flowing. I guess if I can’t have her here, PA will be the beneficiary of her wonderfullness!!!!!

    Airport Lady Lee

    • Robin on June 3, 2022 at 5:01 pm

      Ahhhh, such kind words, Lee! I miss you so much! You would absolutely love Jeni, Sheryl, and Heather. It’s a fabulous team.

  2. Nancy on June 6, 2022 at 9:20 am

    PeopleSense Team – I’ve was fortunate to meet Robin many years ago when she started her business. As you know, Robin is smart, kind, compassionate and a joy to know and work with. I’ve enjoyed watching her grow her business to touch the lives of so many in the important work that you provide. Getting to know “you” is the most important work any of us can do to be successful in work and life. Lots of love and continued success!

    • Robin on June 6, 2022 at 10:37 am

      Nancy, the feeling is mutual. I am so grateful that you reached out all those years ago. I benefited from your coaching and many talents and always appreciated and admired your care for others. Thank you for leaving this note here, it put a huge smile on my face.

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