Here’s What We Know About People and Sales

Sales Teams

Over the last few months, several clients have shared about challenges with their sales teams. Even though our expertise isn’t in sales processes, we are experts in people! And because sales is all about people – both sellers and buyers – we can help! We’re able to identify patterns that plague sales teams and create…

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Change in 2023 May Be Easier than You Think

change in the new year

During a typical week my dog Zuzu and I go on morning walks, as has become our routine over the last two years since she came to live with us. Frankly, these walks often end up being as frustrating as they are enjoyable — both for her and me. I’ve always loved walking with a…

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Will your employee problems ever end?

Ever feel like the issues you face with employees are endless? no credit check online loans Just when you’ve made progress resolving an issue — and bam! — there it is again! Or maybe the problem has never gone away in the first place. Should your work as a manager require constant, ongoing, never-ending baby-sitting?…

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Four Tips for Supporting Employee Development

Climbing your way to higher job performance requires simple steps Yesterday, Grace wasn’t able to climb stairs. Today she can. A small spine adjustment done by a caring, competent chiropractor did the trick. It was quick. Easy. Simple. Well, not really. Not so quick, not so easy, not so simple. Don’t you wish you could…

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