Getting to Know Our Team—We Can’t Forget Robin!

Founder Robin Eichert

Time to hear from our fearless leader! Over the last few weeks, founder Robin Eichert had the chance to interview the amazing members of the PeopleSense team. But this week, they wanted to turn the tables and ask her some questions! Jeni, Sheryl, and Heather each came up with two questions of their own for…

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Awards Might Motivate But There Is a Better Way

PeopleSense Consulting - Everything DiSC Sapphire Award

Looking for ways to motivate your team? You’re not alone! This is one of the most frequently asked questions from managers. I wish there were an easy answer. Wouldn’t it be great if a particular prize would guarantee performance? Or just a little more money would create renewed energy towards excellence? Or perhaps a trip…

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How I love to love: Not just on Valentine’s Day

PeopleSense Consulting - Zuzu Valentine's Banner

I will admit that I use the word ‘love’ a lot. I get enthusiastic about things and I’m prone to find the positive in most situations. I write it frequently in emails and you’ll often see a red heart emoji in my text messages. So, while it rolls off the tongue very naturally, I try…

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Bad Communication = Toxic Workplace Culture

Cracking Ice like Toxic Workplace Culture

If you’ve got “bad” communication going on in your organization, it’s not just going to blow over. In fact, communication is one of the keys to a consistently healthy culture. When you replace it with trademarks like harshness, one-sidedness, or even intimidation, the result is a toxic workplace culture. In that kind of environment, it’s…

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Compassionate Leadership: Beyond the Obvious

Have you, as a leader, ever overlooked some key element because you were so focused on the problem at hand? Sometimes, talking about compassionate leadership means really listening to an underperforming employee, getting to the root of a “bad” hire, or trying something new with a team that’s totally out of sync. An unconventional approach…

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Popular managers must have ability to make unpopular decisions

I’m often advocating for mutual agreement on job-related responsibilities and decisions between a manager and an employee. Not today. There are just some times when you, as the manager, have to set the boundaries for what is needed, whether or not the employee agrees or not. Yes, I still believe leaders need to elicit feedback…

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Will your employee problems ever end?

Ever feel like the issues you face with employees are endless? no credit check online loans Just when you’ve made progress resolving an issue — and bam! — there it is again! Or maybe the problem has never gone away in the first place. Should your work as a manager require constant, ongoing, never-ending baby-sitting?…

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Managers who dig in lose sight of the big picture

Good managers know when to focus. But first they must be aware of their surroundings. loan people bad credit When Grace is fixated on something, it’s nearly impossible to get her off of it. She gets so wound up, either excited or nervous, and then she loses all sense of the big picture. You can…

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Looks are important; but the components underneath are critical

This winter has been mild with very little snow. Yesterday and today we’re seeing a typical New England storm with lots of the white, fluffy flakes falling. It’s sticking everywhere and bringing a whole new look to the landscape. That seems appropriate as I’m in the final stages of creating a whole new look to…

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